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  1. Book ImageLies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: The Manipulation of Public Opinion in America

    Michael Wheeler

    "Vote early and often" is an old American joke. The funny thing is, we now do that year in and year out in the form of endless public opinion polls that have reached the point of being confused with elections and with public opinion itself. Michael Wheeler's is the first...More

  2. Book ImageThe Home of Man

    Barbara Ward Jackson, Enrique Pen~alosa

    The largest “wandering of the people” in human history is taking place at a moment when mankind has both a more demanding vision of equality and dignity for all and new awareness of the physical limits of the environment. How will the 1.5 billion people pouring into the world’s cities between now and the year 2000 be provided with housing, food, jobs, and essential services? How will the destitute villages be given new purpose, vitality, and expanded livelihood?More

  3. Book ImageThe Best Poor Man's Country: A Geographical Study of Early Southeastern Pennsylvania

    James T. Lemon

    “This book deserves careful attention. . . . Lemon is a professional geographer, but historians will read his book as an imaginative approach to social history. . . . He demonstrates that geography, quite as much as demography, child psychology, or the sociology of the family, can organize and interpret data that has remained intractable to more conventional methodologies. . . . The Best Poor Man’s Country is a distinguished and important book, a fitting addition to the recent Chesapeake studies of Aubrey Land and the New England efforts of Greven, Lockridge, John Demos, and Sumner Chilton Powell.” —John M. Murrin, American Historical ReviewMore

  4. Book ImageAnthropopolis: City for Human Development

    C. A. Doxiadis, René Dubos, Erik H. Erikson

    The symposium produced some important ideas which will be invaluable in the planning of more workable cities and in the reorganization of society to give citizens the maximum of community life and the maximum of diversity.More

  5. Book ImageThe Political Economy of Urban Poverty

    Charles Sackrey

    This is a study of poverty in our cities—its causes, its composition, its dimensions, and its solutions. It is not a book which will please those who worship America's high standard of living. Nor will it please liberal reformers who say our social welfare policies have begun to eliminate the problem. (Indeed, it is suggested that urban poor exist in greater numbers and in greater misery than ever before, despite statistics to the contrary.) And it will not please radicals in search of support for abolition of the capitalist system because liberal reforms have failed in the past.More

  6. Book ImageWhat Does America Mean?

    Alexander Meiklejohn

    A distinguished social philosopher offers a searching argument on freedom and national purpose. Written at the depth of the Depression, in a time of deep national concern over America’s future, What Does America Mean? was addressed to students, to the young who have been alienated and embittered by our betrayal of our own deepest commitments. It is the quality of the spirit that Meiklejohn seeks to define: “Our questions is not, “Do Americans get justice?’ but rather, ‘Do Americans give justice?’” Today, more than a generation later, the book still demands of us, not “What’s going to become of America?” but “What do we mean America to become?More

  7. Book ImageThe Process of Model-Building in the Behavioral Sciences

    Ralph M. Stogdill, W. Ross Ashby, C. West Churchman, Et Al.

    “An important contribution to the artistry of model-building by some master-craftsmen.” —Robert T. Golembiewski, University of GeorgiaMore

  8. Book ImageThe Fusion of Psychiatry and Social Science

    Harry Stack Sullivan, Helen Swick Perry

    Contributions to American social science, with introduction and commentaries by Helen Swick Perry.More

  9. Book ImageTwo, Four, Six, Eight, When You Gonna Integrate?

    Ernest A. Hirsch, C. Lillian Petroni, Frank A. Petroni

    Students at a desegregated high school speak out.More

  10. Book ImageRevolution as Theatre

    Robert Brustein

    Revolution as Theatre reflects the deep concern of a brilliant and disciplined mind confronted with the spectre of "clenched minds and clenched fists."More

  11. Book ImagePrimitive Society

    Robert H. Lowie

    Here is on volume is the entire scope of primitive sociology--a treasury of fascinating tribal lore and a masterpiece of scientific exposition.More

  12. Book ImageSearch for Security: An Ethno-Psychiatric Study of Rural Ghana

    M. J. Field

    In Search for Security, M. J. Field offers a unique ethno-psychiatric study of rural Ghana. The book focuses on the people, many of whom were obviously mentally ill, who came to the shrines of a new religious movement for help. The author’s training in clinical...More

  13. Book ImageEveryday Life in Babylon and Assyria

    G. Contenau

    “The author of this book is one of the leading Assyriologists of our time, and his mastery of his subject is evident throughout.” —Arnold Toynbee, The ObserverMore

  14. Book ImageStep by Step

    Douglas Dowd, Mary Nichols, Nick Lawrence

    Step by Step is not simply one more book about civil rights, designed to underscore the repression of the American Negro and relate episodically what some have done about it, even though the book does serve both those functions to a degree. This book is unique in that its aim is to instruct those who would become involved in the civil rights struggle--instruct them in how to develop and work out a project.More

  15. Book ImageThe Crossroad Papers: A Look into the American Future

    Hans J. Morgenthau

    Nineteen distinguished scholars, writers, and political practitioners consider the growing chasm between certain obsolete attitudes and the realities of our political and social life. Ranging over such diverse subjects as "The Future of the Race Issue," "The Economics of Disarmament," "America and the Communist Challenge," "The Case of the Ailing Unions," and "The Future of the Metropolis," they dissect the issues and contribute practical, brilliant, and often original solutions, which may serve as guideposts for the future.More

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