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  1. Book ImageIdeas and Information: Managing in a High-Tech World

    Arno Penzias

    Ideas and Information is extremely pleasant to read. It is full of fascinating and enlightening stories told brilliantly by a Nobel laureate who not only excels as a scientist but also is outstanding as a research manager.” —Hiroshi Inose, Director General, National Center for Science Information System, Tokyo, JapanMore

  2. Book ImageThorn in the Starfish: The Immune System and How It Works

    Robert S. Desowitz

    “Gives the reader the feeling of being granted a ringside seat to an exciting series of events. . . .This eminent scientist and writer conveys his enthusiasm for the subject. . . .He has managed to entertain, educate, and enthuse without either trivializing the complexity of the subject or underestimating the intelligence of the reader.” —British Medical JournalMore

  3. Book ImageAn Urchin in the Storm: Essays about Books and Ideas

    Stephen Jay Gould

    "What pleasure to see the dishonest, the inept, and the misguided deftly given their due, while praise is lavished on the deserving—for reasons well and truly stated."—Kirkus ReviewsMore

  4. Book ImageCelestial Navigation

    Jeff Toghill

    To the uninitiated, celestial navigation appears to be a somewhat frightening exercise in mathematics.More

  5. Book ImageCoastal Navigation

    Jeff Toghill

    Knowing how to navigate is vital for every sailor, whether he is a round-the-world mariner or a weekend yachtsman or woman.More

  6. Book ImageThe Battle for Human Nature: Science, Morality and Modern Life

    Barry Schwartz

    “Provocative and richly textured. . . .Schwartz’s analyses of the inadequacies of contemporary scientific views of human nature are compelling, but the consequences are even more worthy of note.” —Los Angeles TimesMore

  7. Book ImageThe Flamingo's Smile: Reflections in Natural History

    Stephen Jay Gould

    "Gould himself is a rare and wonderful animal—a member of the endangered species known as the ruby-throated polymath. . . . [He] is a leading theorist on large-scale patterns in evolution . . . [and] one of the sharpest and most humane thinkers in the sciences." --David Quammen, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  8. Book ImagePlaying God in the Nursery

    Jeff Lyon

    “The power of Lyon’s book is that he has successfully returned the issue of newborn intensive care from the political or ethical to the profoundly, disturbingly personal. . . . A moving, impressive book.” —Robin Marantz Henig, Washington PostMore

  9. Book ImageCommon LISPcraft

    Robert Wilensky

    First there was LISPcraft, a tutorial introduction to Franz LISP, the most widely available real dialect of LISP. Now Robert Wilensky introduces students, teachers, and professionals to Common LISP.More

  10. Book ImageThe Transforming Principle: Discovering that Genes Are Made of DNA

    Maclyn McCarty

    Forty years ago, three medical researchers—Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty—made the discovery that DNA is the genetic material. With this finding was born the modern era of molecular biology and genetics.More

  11. Book ImageForevermore, Nuclear Waste in America

    Donald L. Barlett, James B. Steele

    “Here is one of the most comprehensive studies to date of this important subject. The authors, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters for the Philadelphia Inquirer spent eighteen months investigating reactor sites and nuclear waste cemeteries, conducting interviews and gathering documents to ferret out little-known information about a grave technical political problem: how to dispose safely of nuclear wastes accumulating at the many nuclear plants around the nation. Their Poe-esque title carries a grisly meaning: millennia from now successive generations may be contaminated by radioactive wastes we bury ‘safely’ today.” —Publishers WeeklyMore

  12. Book ImageSend Us a Lady Physician: Women Doctors in America, 1835-1920

    Ruth J. Abram

    The irony of women’s acceptance into the medical world, and the unfortunate decline in their status at the beginning of the twentieth-century, is illustrated in this volume through words and pictures. By focusing on the class of 1879 at the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, the authors of the various essays depict individual trials, frustrations, and victories of nineteenth-century women physicians; and we come to understand a vital aspect of our history and how it affects us all today.More

  13. Book ImageCoping in Medical School

    Bernard Virshup

    “Your analysis of attitudes in teaching is a bright gem, sharply and beautifully cut. I doubt that I have seen anything on the subject so concisely and so cogently put.” —Norman CousinsMore

  14. Book ImageThe Birth of a New Physics

    I. Bernard Cohen

    Revised and Updated

    The earth circles the sun every year and rotates on its axis every twenty-four hours. The earth does not stand still.More

  15. Book ImageThe Cold and the Dark: The World After Nuclear War

    Paul R. Ehrlich, Carl Sagan, Donald Kennedy, Et Al.

    “The scientific discoveries described in this book may turn out . . . to have been the most important research findings in the long history of science.” —Lewis Thomas, from the ForewardMore

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