Environmental Studies

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  1. Book ImageState of the World 2009: Into a Warming World

    The Worldwatch Institute

    A comprehensive guide to global warming and the steps we must take to combat it.More

  2. Book ImageVanishing Borderlands: The Fragile Landscape of the U.S.-Mexico Border

    John Annerino

    John Annerino, famed photographer of the Amerian Southwest, portrays the astonishing beauty of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands and contrasts those with images of the conflict that threatens to destroy them.More

  3. Book ImageSaving Homewaters: The Story of Montana's Streams and Rivers

    Gordon Sullivan

    A remarkable account of Montana's efforts to save its trout streams and rivers from pollution and neglect.More

  4. Book ImageAcross the Tibetan Plateau: Ecosystems, Wildlife, and Conservation

    Robert L. Fleming, Jr., Dorje Tsering, Liu Wulin, Et Al.

    Remarkable photographs celebrate the wild places and the exquisite animals of the country called “the roof of the world.”More

  5. Book ImageThe Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

    Edward O. Wilson

    The book that launched a movement: “Wilson speaks with a humane eloquence which calls to us all” (Oliver Sacks).

  6. Book ImageExtreme Weather: A Guide and Record Book

    Christopher C. Burt

    Revised and Updated

    The ultimate weather book for the weather enthusiast or anyone interested in the oddities and extremes of nature.More

  7. Book ImageDirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth

    William Bryant Logan

    "A gleeful, poetic book…Like the best natural histories, Dirt is a kind of prayer." —Los Angeles Times Book ReviewMore

  8. Book ImageInspiring Progress: Religions' Contributions to Sustainable Development

    Gary T. Gardner

    Explores how the world’s religions have a calling to build societies both environmentally sustainable and socially just.More

  9. Book ImageOak: The Frame of Civilization

    William Bryant Logan

    The ultimate distance race is within your reach—a completely updated edition of the now-classic work.More

  10. Book ImageOutgrowing the Earth: The Food Security Challenge in an Age of Falling Water Tables and Rising Temperatures

    Lester R. Brown

    How human demands are outstripping the earth's capacities—and what we need to do about it.More

  11. Book ImageEat Here: Reclaiming Homegrown Pleasures in a Global Supermarket

    Brian Halweil

    Eating locally is a growing movement that is good for your health—but even better for the planet.More

  12. Book ImageStormchasers: The Hurricane Hunters and Their Fateful Flight into Hurricane Janet

    David Toomey

    Fifty years after Isaac's Storm, a riveting story of the first Hurricane Hunters, and the one crew who paid the ultimate price.More

  13. Book ImageThe Earth Policy Reader

    Lester R. Brown, Janet Larsen, Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts, Et Al.

    Award-winning environmental analyst Lester R. Brown and his colleagues chart progress in building the eco-economy, an economy that is compatible with the earth's ecosystem.More

  14. Book ImageThe Book of Life: An Illustrated History of the Evolution of Life on Earth

    Stephen Jay Gould

    Second Edition

    A new edition of the beautifully illustrated depiction of the dramatic story of survival and extinction.More

  15. Book ImageSomething New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century World

    J. R. McNeill

    "Refreshingly unpolemical and at times even witty, McNeill's book brims with carefully sifted statistics and brilliant details."—Washington Post Book WorldMore

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