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  1. Book ImageCalculations in Chemistry: An Introduction

    Donald J. Dahm, Eric A. Nelson

    Second Edition

    Helps students overcome the biggest barrier to their success in chemistry: math.More

  2. Book ImageChemConnections Activity Workbook

    Sharon Anthony, Kevin L. Braun, Heather Mernitz

    Make chemistry memorable: choose from fifty-nine collaborative activities that will make your general chemistry lecture, recitation, homework, or lab more relevant, interactive, and collaborative.More

  3. Book ImageChemConnections: How Can We Reduce Air Pollution from Automobiles?

    Howard Drossman, Wayne Tikkanen, Sandra Laursen

    ChemConnections modules cover a broad range of chemical topics and supply research-base, classroom-tested, active learning strategies that guide students through the scientific process.More

  4. Book ImageChemConnections: How Could Life Have Arisen on Earth?

    Jason Dworkin, Paul G. Jasien, Matthew Levy, Et Al.

    Major events in the origin and evolution of life are examined from a chemical perspective, including the formation of the solar system, the first reproducing molecules, the evolution of metabolism, and the search for extraterrestrial life.More

  5. Book ImageChemConnections: How Do We Get from Bonds to Bags, Bottles, and Backpacks?

    Sharon Anthony, Karen Harding

    This module is designed to help students learn about chemical bonding, polarity, intermolecular forces, and the impact of chemical structure on the properties of materials by focusing on polymers.More

  6. Book ImageChemConnections: Water Treatment: How Can We Make Our Water Safe to Drink?

    Susan E. Kegley, Doug Landfear, David Jenkins, Et Al.

    Second Edition

    ChemConnections modules cover a broad range of chemical topics and supply research-base, classroom-tested, active learning strategies that guide students through the scientific process.More

  7. Book ImageThe Chemical Tree: A History of Chemistry

    William H. Brock

    From alchemy to industry, a synthetic history of chemistry through the ages.More

  8. Book ImageChemistry: An Atoms-Focused Approach

    Thomas R. Gilbert, Rein V. Kirss, Stacey Lowery Bretz, Et Al.

    Second Edition

    Not just Atoms-First, Atoms-Focused. An atoms-first text and media program that goes beyond a reorganization of topics, emphasizes the particulate nature of matter throughout the book, art, and problems, and helps students develop their molecular visualization skills as they learn to become expert problem-solvers.More

  9. Book ImageChemistry: The Science in Context

    Thomas R. Gilbert, Rein V. Kirss, Natalie Foster, Et Al.

    Fifth Edition

    A text and media package that helps students develop their molecular-visualization skills as a key part of becoming expert problem solvers.More

  10. Book ImageClickers in Action: Active Learning in Organic Chemistry

    Suzanne M. Ruder

    An instructor-oriented resource providing information on implementing clickers in organic chemistry courses. Part I gives instructors information on how to choose and manage a CRS system, develop effective questions, and integrate the questions into their courses. Part II contains 140 class-tested, lecture-ready questions. Most questions include histograms that show actual student response, generated in large classes with 200–300 students over multiple semesters. Each question also includes insights and suggestions for implementation.More

  11. Book ImageClickers in Action: Increasing Student Participation in General Chemistry

    Margaret R. Asirvatham

    An indispensable resource on using clickers in your general chemistry course.

  12. Book ImageFoundational Concepts in Neuroscience: A Brain-Mind Odyssey

    David E. Presti

    Key concepts in neuroscience presented for the non-medical reader.More

  13. Book ImageLavoisier in the Year One: The Birth of a New Science in an Age of Revolution

    Madison Smartt Bell

    "Fresh…solid…full of suspense and intrigue." —Publishers WeeklyMore

  14. Book ImageMauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World

    Simon Garfield

    "Garfield's engaging story of William Perkin's accidental discovery is an informative mix of science, history, and biography."—Boston HeraldMore

  15. Book ImageObsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie

    Barbara Goldsmith

    The bestselling, "excellent…poignant—and scientifically lucid—portrait" (New York Times Book Review) of the remarkable Marie Curie.More

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