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  1. Book ImageBlack Holes & Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy

    Kip Thorne, Stephen W. Hawking

    Winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

    Ever since Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity burst upon the world in 1915 some of the most brilliant minds of our century have sought to decipher the mysteries bequeathed by that theory, a legacy so unthinkable in some respects that even Einstein himself rejected them.More

  2. Book ImageAngle of Attack: Harrison Storms and the Race to the Moon

    Mike Gray

    “Few people know the real story behind the building of Apollo, but Mike Gray has managed to capture the drama and excitement of those urgent times. This is a fascinating book full of lessons about what America can achieve with vision and teamwork.” —Buzz AldrinMore

  3. Book ImageJourney Into Space: The First Three Decades of Space Exploration

    Bruce C. Murray

    “A compelling, highly personal account of both the excitement of discovery and the frustration of dealing with misguided policies. Murray remains an optimist, proposing productive initiatives for the American space program that should be must reading for those shaping U.S. space policy.” —John M. Logsdon, director, Space Policy InstituteMore

  4. Book ImageMission to the Planets: The Illustrated Story of Man's Exploration of the Solar System

    Patrick Moore

    The first successful probe to another world was Luna 1, sent to the Moon by the Russians in 1959. Since then many other probes have been launched, and by August 1989 all the planets in the Sun's family had been studied from close range, with the exception of Pluto. This is the illustrated story of man's exploration of the Solar System-a story which is no more than three decades old so far, but which has told us more than we could have dared to hope in the early days of the Space Age.More

  5. Book ImageRelatively Speaking

    Eric Chaisson, Lola Judith Chaisson

    "Beginning with a clear, nontechnical discussion of both the ‘special’ and ‘general’ theories of relativity, astrophysicist Chaisson explores their theoretical and experimental bases and what these say about the origin and structure of the universe. He examines very large issues: cosmological foundations of the universe, the various ‘models’ of the universe, and black holes….An integrated, coherent discussion. Lively, readable, and informed." —Library JournalMore

  6. Book ImageCelestial Navigation

    Jeff Toghill

    To the uninitiated, celestial navigation appears to be a somewhat frightening exercise in mathematics.More

  7. Book ImageMathematical Astronomy for Amateurs

    E. A. Beet

    This is a clear and simple introduction to the calculations that form the basis of all astronomical laws and observations. Most elementary astronomy books are purely descriptive, while textbooks of mathematical astronomy assume a considerable knowledge of mathematics. Here the author relies only on simple 'school maths' to help the amateur widen his horizons and interpret his observations.More

  8. Book ImageScientists Confront Velikovsky

    Donald Goldsmith, Isaac Asimov

    In this book, Velikovsky’s ideas are seriously discussed and criticized by three astronomers, a sociologist, and an expert on ancient astronomical records. The result is a full-scale critique of Velikovsky’s work from several perspectives. Lucid and informative, the book not only shows the deficiencies of Velikovsky’s views, but also makes clear why these views have attracted such a strong public following.More

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