Psychotherapy & Psychiatry

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  1. Book ImageLiving with Chronic Neurologic Disease: A Handbook for Patient and Family

    Irving Spencer Cooper, P. B. Medawar

    This is a book for patients and their families, for doctors to recommend to their patients, for specialists, psychiatrist, medical students, theologians, and anyone concerned with the dignity of the human condition.More

  2. Book ImageA Harry Stack Sullivan Case Seminar

    Harry Stack Sullivan, Robert G. Kvarnes, Gloria H. Parloff, Et Al.

    Among clinicians, Harry Stack Sullivan is probably best known for his early work with schizophrenics at the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital in Maryland. The seminar presented here is the richest clinical illustration available both of Sullivan’s perceptivity about schizophrenia and of his ability as a teacher.More

  3. Book ImageSchizophrenia As a Human Process

    Harry Stack Sullivan, Helen Swick Perry

    This volume collects for the first time the papers written by Dr. Sullivan in the period of his early work with schizophrenics. Introduction and commentaries by Helen Swick Perry.More

  4. Book ImageProblems of Human Pleasure and Behavior: Classic Essays in Humanistic Psychiatry

    Michael Balint

    Michael Balint, the Hungarian-born British psychoanalyst and author of Primary Love and Psychoanalytic Technique, was in some respects ahead of Freud and was a pioneer of what we now call "humanistic psychiatry."More

  5. Book ImageTherapeutic Communication

    Jurgen Reusch

    A descriptive guide to the communication process as the central agent in mental healing.More

  6. Book ImageThe Fusion of Psychiatry and Social Science

    Harry Stack Sullivan, Helen Swick Perry

    Contributions to American social science, with introduction and commentaries by Helen Swick Perry.More

  7. Book ImageSexual Aberrations

    Wilhelm Stekel

    "This book deals in a scientific manner with a sexual deviation called fetishism. This deviation involves the attraction to an object associated with a sexual partner rather than the attraction to a partner as such." -- From the Introduction by Emil GutheilMore

  8. Book ImageThe Psychiatric Interview

    Harry Stack Sullivan

    The Psychiatric Interview is a unique book. It deals with the basic issues in psychiatric assessment-which, without guidance, may be distressingly difficult-and reduces them to easily digestible facts.More

  9. Book ImageThe Interpersonal Theory of Psychiatry

    Harry Stack Sullivan

    Harry Stack Sullivan's classic and groundbreaking synthesis of psychoanalysis, psychology and social science.More

  10. Book ImagePsychosomatic Medicine: Its Principles and Applications

    Franz Alexander

    A pioneer in the field of psychoanalysis and psychosomatic medicine describes the fundamental concepts on which the psychosomatic approach is based and presents the results of study concerning the influence of emotions on bodily processes in health and disease. Dr. Alexander draws a clear picture of the psychological factors involved in a body process and shows that these factors must receive the same detailed scrutiny as the physiological processes.More

  11. Book ImageAre You Considering Psychoanalysis?

    Karen Horney

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  12. Book ImageCommon Neuroses of Children and Adults

    O. Spurgeon English, Gerald Pearson

    This book separates out of a voluminous psychoanalytic literature what will be of practical value to the student and practitioner in the understanding and treatment of the neuroses. The authors have purposely adhered to a unified approach to a group of clinical disorders which most medical men agree have a psychological foundationMore

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