Psychotherapy & Psychiatry

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  1. Book ImageThe 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Program for Kids & Tweens: Putting the Keys Into Action at Home & School

    Signe Whitson

    This product includes Signe Whitson's The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book for Kids & Tweens: Activities, Quizzes, Games, & Skills for Putting the Keys Into Action  and The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book Companion Guide for Parents & Educators.More

  2. Book ImageRehearsals for Growth: Theater Improvisation for Psychotherapists

    Daniel J. Wiener

    Reference for psychotherapists on the applications of improvisational theater to psychotherapy for groups, couples, family, and individuals.More

  3. Book ImageChanging Minds in Therapy: Emotion, Attachment, Trauma, and Neurobiology

    Margaret Wilkinson

    Addresses the flurry of questions about the practical application of neuroscience in clinical treatment.More

  4. Book ImageTherapist as Life Coach: An Introduction for Counselors and Other Helping Professionals

    Patrick Williams, Deborah C. Davis

    Revised and Expanded

    In 2006, U.S. News and World Report listed coaching as one of the 10 top growing professions.More

  5. Book ImageMindfulness and Hypnosis: The Power of Suggestion to Transform Experience

    Michael D. Yapko

    Winner of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) Arthur Shapiro Award for Best Book on Hypnosis, this book explores how mindfulness and hypnosis in a clinical context work to help foster change.More

  6. Book ImageExecutive Function & Child Development

    Marcie Yeager, Daniel Yeager

    A brain-based approach to helping kids stay focused and achieve.More

  7. Book ImageADHD Grown Up: A Guide to Adolescent and Adult ADHD

    Joel L. Young

    Currently, 6-9% of all children are diagnosed with ADHD and there has been an explosion in recent years in the discussion of ADHD—its prevalence, its diagnosis, its importance to parents and their children.

  8. Book ImageInquiry by Design: Environment/Behavior/Neuroscience in Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, and Planning

    John Zeisel, John P. Eberhard

    This update of a classic text folds the new field of neuroscience for design into well-established environment-behavior (E-B) methods and approaches.More

  9. Book ImageIntegrated Treatment of Eating Disorders: Beyond the Body Betrayed

    Kathryn J. Zerbe

    "In this comprehensive book, Dr. Kathryn Zerbe provides guidance to clinicians by skillfully modeling an approach…informed by clinical practice and the empirical literature….Zerbe is recognized as a leader in the field of eating disorders."--Kamryn T. Eddy, PhD, Department of Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical SchoolMore

  10. Book ImageChallenging Depression: The Go-To Guide for Clinicians and Patients

    Mark Zetin, Cara T. Hoepner, Jennifer Kurth

    Here, both therapist and client will learn the causes of depression, how to recognize and diagnose the different iterations of depression, the wide variety of psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment options available, and how to get the most out of those treatments.More

  11. Book ImageNeuro-Narrative Therapy: New Possibilities for Emotion-Filled Conversations

    Jeffrey Zimmerman

    Bringing interpersonal neurobiology and narrative therapy together.

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