Psychotherapy & Psychiatry

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  1. Book ImageLearning Psychotherapy Seminar Leader's Manual

    Bernard D. Beitman, Dongmei Yue

    Psychotherapy is a crucial element in the nation's healthcare system; yet there is no standard introduction to its practice.More

  2. Book ImageLearning Psychotherapy Vignettes

    Bernard D. Beitman

    Psychotherapy is a crucial element in the nation's healthcare system; yet there is no standard introduction to its practice.More

  3. Book ImageIntegrating Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy: Dissolving the Mind-Brain Barrier

    Bernard D. Beitman, Barton J. Blinder, Michael E. Thase, Et Al.

    The authors of this book are searching for a language common to both mind and brain. This language will develop through innovative clinical activity and our reflections upon it.More

  4. Book ImageSelf-Awareness Deficits in Psychiatric Patients: Neurobiology, Assessment, and Treatment

    Bernard D. Beitman, Jyotsna Nair

    Advances in neurobiological knowledge and neuroimaging technology have contributed greatly to our investigations into the nature of self-awareness.More

  5. Book ImageCounseling and Psychotherapy Essentials: Integrating Theories, Skills, and Practices

    Bernard D. Beitman, Glenn E. Good

    The essential textbook for learning integrative psychotherapy.More

  6. Book ImageLearning Psychotherapy

    Bernard D. Beitman, Dongmei Yue

    Second Edition

    An integrative training approach with proven effectiveness.More

  7. Book ImageThe Therapist's Ultimate Solution Book: Essential Strategies, Tips & Tools to Empower Your Clients

    Judith Belmont

    Simple psychoeducational strategies to keep clients on track during and in-between sessions.More

  8. Book ImageEvolving Thought Field Therapy: The Clinician

    Sheila S. Bender, Victoria Britt, John H. Diepold, Jr.

    Rooted in applied kinesiology and traditional Chinese medicine, evolving thought field therapy (EvTFT) has become an alternative psychotherapy of choice.More

  9. Book ImageHypnotic Techniques: For Standard Psychotherapy and Formal Hypnosis

    Sonja Benson, George Gafner

    Hypnosis and hypnotic techniques are strong tools for assisting clients in moving beyond their resistance to therapy.More

  10. Book ImageHandbook of Hypnotic Inductions

    Sonja Benson, George Gafner

    This useful resource provides over two dozen detailed scripts for inducing trance, deepening, realerting, and debriefing. It covers beginning to advanced hypnotic inductions in four main categories: conversational inductions, embedded-meaning inductions, confusional inductions, and directive inductions.More

  11. Book ImageLost Boys: Reflections on Psychoanalysis and Countertransference

    Frederick H. Berenstein

    Presentation of the author's psychoanalytic beliefs and experiences in child psychoanalytic therapy.

  12. Book ImageFamily Based Services: A Solution-Based Approach

    Insoo Kim Berg

    This book is written for those who "work in the trenches" of child welfare and family services.More

  13. Book ImageBuilding Solutions in Child Protective Services

    Insoo Kim Berg, Susan Kelly

    "[O]ffers creative ways to build alliances with families…using language and motivational interviewing to help parents focus on problem-solving….a valuable resource." --Virginia Child Protection NewsletterMore

  14. Book ImageTales of Solutions: A Collection of Hope-Inspiring Stories

    Insoo Kim Berg, Yvonne M. Dolan

    Clients and solution-focused therapists often accomplish remarkable results under seemingly hopeless economic/political/social conditions. In this book mental health and social service professionals worldwide reveal how small actions can yield big changes in people's lives.More

  15. Book ImageBrief Coaching for Lasting Solutions

    Insoo Kim Berg, Peter Szabó

    Like so many helping professionals today, coaches are discovering that the most effective treatment plan is not always the one that takes the most time.

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