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  1. Book ImageAnger Antidotes: How Not to Lose Your S#&!

    Ian Brennan

    Strategies for living a crisis-free life in an imperfect world.More

  2. Book ImageTrauma Essentials: The Go-To Guide

    Babette Rothschild

    Basic information about one of the most common problems in therapy, from a best-selling mental health writer.More

  3. Book ImageAnxiety Disorders: The Go-To Guide for Clients and Therapists

    Carolyn Daitch

    A comprehensive and accessible book on anxiety for clients and therapists alike.More

  4. Book ImageThe 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques: Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Depressed and What You Can Do to Change It

    Margaret Wehrenberg

    A strategy-filled handbook to understand, manage, and conquer your depression, modeled after its best-selling counterpart on anxiety.More

  5. Book ImageChallenging Depression: The Go-To Guide for Clinicians and Patients

    Mark Zetin, Cara T. Hoepner, Jennifer Kurth

    Here, both therapist and client will learn the causes of depression, how to recognize and diagnose the different iterations of depression, the wide variety of psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment options available, and how to get the most out of those treatments.More

  6. Book ImageNeuro-Hypnosis: Using Self-Hypnosis to Activate the Brain for Change

    C. Alexander Simpkins, Annellen M. Simpkins

    Understanding the neuroscience of self-hypnosis for more effective treatment of a variety of conditions.More

  7. Book Image8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery: Take-Charge Strategies to Empower Your Healing

    Babette Rothschild

    Safe and effective principles and strategies for recovery from trauma.More

  8. Book ImagePassionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships

    David Schnarch

    “A classic.” —William H. Masters, M.D.More

  9. Book ImageA User's Guide to Therapy: What to Expect and How You Can Benefit

    Tamara L. Kaiser

    A guidebook to understanding and getting the most out of therapy.More

  10. Book ImageSeven Strategies for Positive Aging

    Robert D. Hill

    Filled with practical and effective strategies, skill-building techniques, and advice based on the most recent research on the psychology of aging, Dr. Hill demonstrates how people can help themselves age productively and positively.More

  11. Book ImageTaking Out Your Mental Trash: A Consumer's Guide to Cognitive Restructuring Therapy

    Rian E. McMullin

    How can you take control of your life?More

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