Psychiatry & Psychopathology

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  1. Book ImageSchizophrenia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

    Kayla F. Bernheim, Richard R J Lewine

    Schizophrenia, coauthored by two clinical psychologists, is an overview of the latest in schizophrenia research and treatment of the late 1970s, and is intended for the relatives of schizophrenics and professionals who work with schizophrenic individuals.More

  2. Book ImageA Harry Stack Sullivan Case Seminar

    Harry Stack Sullivan, Robert G. Kvarnes, Gloria H. Parloff, Et Al.

    Among clinicians, Harry Stack Sullivan is probably best known for his early work with schizophrenics at the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital in Maryland. The seminar presented here is the richest clinical illustration available both of Sullivan’s perceptivity about schizophrenia and of his ability as a teacher.More

  3. Book ImageSchizophrenia As a Human Process

    Harry Stack Sullivan, Helen Swick Perry

    This volume collects for the first time the papers written by Dr. Sullivan in the period of his early work with schizophrenics. Introduction and commentaries by Helen Swick Perry.More

  4. Book ImageProblems of Human Pleasure and Behavior: Classic Essays in Humanistic Psychiatry

    Michael Balint

    Michael Balint, the Hungarian-born British psychoanalyst and author of Primary Love and Psychoanalytic Technique, was in some respects ahead of Freud and was a pioneer of what we now call "humanistic psychiatry."More

  5. Book ImageThe Fusion of Psychiatry and Social Science

    Harry Stack Sullivan, Helen Swick Perry

    Contributions to American social science, with introduction and commentaries by Helen Swick Perry.More

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