Human Sexuality

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  1. Book ImageThe Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions

    Richard Milsten, Julian Slowinski

    “Speaks clearly and effectively to all who seek and expect a full and enjoyable sexual life.” —June Machover Reinisch, Ph.D., director emeriti, The Kinsey InstituteMore

  2. Book ImageErectile Dysfunction: Integrating Couple Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Medical Treatment

    Nancy Gambescia, Gerald R. Weeks

    With the release of Viagra, erectile dysfunction has become an acceptable topic of advertising and public discussion.More

  3. Book ImageEducation of the Senses: The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud

    Peter Gay

    Volume(s): 1

    “The most learned, as well as the wittiest survey of human sexuality ever to be published.” —New York TimesMore

  4. Book ImageGender Loving Care: A Guide to Counseling Gender-Variant Clients

    Randi Ettner

    This book is a comprehensive guide to understanding and treating gender identity disorders.

  5. Book ImageSexual Pharmacology: Drugs that Affect Sexual Function

    Theresa L. Crenshaw, James P. Goldberg

    Highlighting the complex interaction of biology and emotion in sexual chemistry, this book systematically evaluates drugs that can inhibit desire, cause impotence, block orgasm, or affect sexual functioning in other ways and provides a system for evaluating any and all drugs, even ones not yet on the market, by summarizing sexual mechanisms of action.More

  6. Book ImageThe Many Faces of Eros: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Human Sexuality

    Joyce McDougall

    "A mature, considered presentation of [McDougall's] current thinking on sexuality . . . simultaneously impassioned and dispassionate, erudite and plain-spoken, conservative in her insistence on basic psychoanalytic assumptions and radical in her celebration of intimate human diversity." --Contemporary PsychologyMore

  7. Book ImageConstructing the Sexual Crucible: An Integration of Sexual and Marital Therapy

    David Morris Schnarch

    This book challenges the fundamental paradigms in sexual-marital therapies, and provides a fresh look at the nature of intimacy and the diverse barriers to eroticism in many marriages.More

  8. Book ImageGays, Lesbians, and their Therapists: Studies in Psychotherapy

    Charles Silverstein

    This anthology of case studies collects unique and recurring issues addressed by therapists in support of their gay and lesbian patients.More

  9. Book ImagePrivate Lies: Infidelity and the Betrayal of Intimacy

    Frank Pittman

    Why do half the people in marriages have affairs? What problems are they trying to solve?More

  10. Book ImageSexual Aberrations

    Wilhelm Stekel

    "This book deals in a scientific manner with a sexual deviation called fetishism. This deviation involves the attraction to an object associated with a sexual partner rather than the attraction to a partner as such." -- From the Introduction by Emil GutheilMore

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