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  1. Book ImageTimeless: Nature's Formula for Health and Longevity

    Louis Cozolino

    Unlocking the secrets of positive aging.More

  2. Book ImageThe Alzheimer's Family: Helping Caregivers Cope

    Robert B. Santulli

    Responding to families’ questions and fears with compassion.More

  3. Book ImageWorking with Aging Families: Therapeutic Solutions for Caregivers, Spouses, & Adult Children

    Kathleen W. Piercy

    With today’s shifting demographics can arise tricky family issues—here are tips for therapists on how to steer clients through them.More

  4. Book ImageTherapy with Older Clients: Key Strategies for Success

    Marc Agronin

    Basic strategies and tips for doing effective therapy with elderly clients.More

  5. Book ImageSeven Strategies for Positive Aging

    Robert D. Hill

    Filled with practical and effective strategies, skill-building techniques, and advice based on the most recent research on the psychology of aging, Dr. Hill demonstrates how people can help themselves age productively and positively.More

  6. Book ImageGeriatric Psychiatry Basics

    Kenneth Sakauye

    Doctors who know something about working with the elderly are in greater demand than ever before.More

  7. Book ImagePositive Aging: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals and Consumers

    Robert D. Hill

    Human aging has been transformed in the 21st century.More

  8. Book ImagePsychotropic Drugs and The Elderly: Fast Facts

    Joel Sadavoy

    In the complex and dynamic field of geriatric psychopharmacology up-to-date data on drug efficacy and prescription guidelines are at a premium. Designed as an accessible and practical day-to-day clinical practice guide, Psychotropic Drugs and the Elderly provides essential information as well as the depth of knowledge necessary for specialized pharmacotherapy of elders.More

  9. Book ImageComprehensive Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry

    George T. Grossberg, Lissy F. Jarvik, Barnett S. Meyers, Et Al.

    Third Edition

    The Comprehensive Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry is the standard reference in the field.More

  10. Book ImageEnjoy Old Age: A Practical Guide

    B. F. Skinner, M. E. Vaughan

    “[A] wealth of practical guidelines to enhance the pleasures of life.” —Jane E. Brody, New York Times “With humor and personal anecdotes, [Skinner] suggest ways to shape an older person’s environment so that the imperfections of old age present as few intrusions as possible.” —New Orleans Times-PicayuneMore

  11. Book ImageCreative Aging: A Meaning-Making Perspective

    Mary Baird Carlsen

    "Don't let therapists and counselors keep this unique book to themselves! Every man and woman who feels 'the first cool winds of evening' can take heart from this visionary yet down-to-earth exploration of creative potential in the later years of life. This is a book that can change lives." —Robert Kastenbaum, Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief, The Encyclopedia of Adult DevelopmentMore