Family Therapy

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  1. Book ImageGenograms: Assessment and Intervention

    Monica McGoldrick, Randy Gerson, Sueli Petry

    Third Edition

    Widely used by both family therapists and all health care professionals, the genogram is a graphic way of organizing the mass of information gathered during a family assessment and finding patterns in the family system for more targeted treatment.More

  2. Book ImageChildren with Sexual Behavior Problems: Family-Based, Attachment-Focused Therapy

    William N. Friedrich

    Sexually inappropriate touching, language, and other actions on the part of children are difficult to diagnose and treat.

  3. Book ImageAttachment-Focused Family Therapy

    Daniel A. Hughes

    Over fifty years ago, John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth’s research on the developmental psychology of children formed the basic tenets of attachment theory.More

  4. Book ImageCyber Rules: What You Really Need to Know about the Internet: The Essential Guide for Clinicians, Educators, and Parents

    Joanie Farley-Gillispie, Jayne Gackenbach

    The Internet socializes people in new ways, encouraging the development of innovative approaches to communication and online identity. As new technology and media emerge, cyber behaviors will continue to affect us, our relationships, our communities, and the world, both on- and offline.More

  5. Book ImageFamilies that Flourish: Facilitating Resilience in Clinical Practice

    Dorothy S. Becvar

    Definitive clinical methods from the key researcher and practitioner in the field.More

  6. Book ImageIndividuals, Families, and the New Era of Genetics: Biopsychosocial Perspectives

    Susan H. McDaniel, Suzanne M. Miller, John S. Rolland

    American Journal of Nursing 2007 Book of the Year Award Winner.More

  7. Book ImageChildren in Therapy: Using the Family as a Resource

    C. Everett Bailey

    In Children in Therapy, Everett Bailey brings together a stellar group of clinicians and researchers to describe the benefits and process of involving families in children’s therapy and to discuss ways therapists can effectively integrate individual family members into the overall treatment of children.More

  8. Book ImageNurturing Queer Youth: Family Therapy Transformed

    Linda Stone Fish, Rebecca G. Harvey

    Youth are coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered at increasingly younger ages.More

  9. Book ImageLiving Beyond Loss: Death in the Family

    Monica McGoldrick, Froma Walsh

    Walsh and McGoldrick have fully revised and expanded this landmark work on the impact of death on the family system.More

  10. Book ImageIn Search of Solutions: A New Direction in Psychotherapy

    Bill O'Hanlon, Michele Weiner-Davis

    First published in 1989, In Search of Solutions is a classic statement on the concepts, methodologies, and goals of solution-oriented therapy.More

  11. Book ImageRituals in Families and Family Therapy

    Evan Imber-Black, Janine Roberts, Richard A. Whiting

    Family rituals are the events, big and small, that give family life texture and meaning.More

  12. Book ImageFamily Therapy: An Intimate History

    Lynn Hoffman

    This book follows the journey of one highly curious and questing therapist from an instrumental, causal approach to family therapy to a collaborative, communal one.More

  13. Book ImageCreating Competence from Chaos

    Martha Morrison Dore, Marion Lindblad-Goldberg, Lenora Stern

    Children with emotional and behavioral disorders are often adrift in our society, lacking adequate mental health care or caught between several child-serving systems, such as child welfare, juvenile justice, and the schools.More

  14. Book ImageUnspeakable Losses: Understanding the Experience of Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, and Abortion

    Kim Kluger-Bell

    This comforting and healing book is a must--not only for women who have at one time experienced pregnancy loss but also for their partners, sisters, daughters, brothers, and friends. Kim Kluger-Bell's extensive field work as a therapist specializing in the psychodynamics of reproductive crises strips away the shrouds of silence surrounding pregnancy losses and abortions, giving new voice to these "unspeakable losses," in a culture that has rendered its discussion taboo.More

  15. Book ImageYou Can Go Home Again: Reconnecting with Your Family

    Monica McGoldrick

    "Monica McGoldrick's splendid new book is a gift, a rich source of hope, information, and insight that will teach readers to reconnect with our past and invent a new future." —Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.More

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