Couple Therapy

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  1. Book ImageStop Blaming, Start Loving!: A Solution-Oriented Approach to Improving Your Relationship

    Patricia Hudson O'Hanlon, Bill O'Hanlon

    "An excellent resource for anyone who wants to have a healthy relationship." --Bernie Siegel, M.D.More

  2. Book ImageDoing Contextual Therapy: An Integrated Model for Working with Individuals, Couples, and Families

    Peter Goldenthal

    This book explains this deeply ethical approach of contextual therapy in practical terms and demonstrates its practice in extensive cases.More

  3. Book ImageSingle in a Married World: A Life Cycle Framework for Working with the Unmarried Adult

    Natalie Schwartzberg, Kathy Berliner, Demaris Jacob, Et Al.

    Single in a Married World challenges and informs therapists to see resources rather than deficits in singlehood. Schwartzberg, Berliner, and Jacob have created a map into which all roads do not lead to marriage, but rather to emotional health, connectedness to family and friends, a sense of meaning and honoring difference. The authors transform being single from a ‘problem’ to be solved in therapy to a life to be lived with integrity, commitment, and zest.” —Evan Imber-Black, Ph.D., Director, Family & Group Studies, Department of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of MedicineMore

  4. Book ImageThe Many Faces of Eros: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Human Sexuality

    Joyce McDougall

    "A mature, considered presentation of [McDougall's] current thinking on sexuality . . . simultaneously impassioned and dispassionate, erudite and plain-spoken, conservative in her insistence on basic psychoanalytic assumptions and radical in her celebration of intimate human diversity." --Contemporary PsychologyMore

  5. Book ImageEvaluating Couples: A Handbook for Practitioners

    Mark A. Karpel

    "The reader will find this book useful whether or not one agrees with Karpel's therapeutic style or clinical assumptions….[I]t succinctly reviews a lot of the basics about couples and about couple therapy, and suggests an attitude toward work with couples that we would all do well to incorporate into our own ongoing therapy. It will definitely be on my recommended list of resources and I am sure to quote liberally from its author."—Eleanor Macklin, Journal of Family PsychotherapyMore

  6. Book ImageRewriting Love Stories: Brief Marital Therapy

    Patricia Hudson O'Hanlon, Bill O'Hanlon

    "I had a hard time finishing this book; my married friends kept stealing it. Lively, personal, and jargon free, it is a delight to read. . . . The authors know and show what it means to make a marriage work." —Jill Elka Harkaway, Ed.D.More

  7. Book ImageFrom Conflict to Resolution: Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment of Distressed Individuals, Couples, and Families

    Susan M. Heitler

    "Heitler has established herself as a leader in what is evolving as an extraordinary, valuable integration of systems perspectives, cognitive and behavioral methodologies, and traditional views of personality and therapy."--Psychotherapy in Private PracticeMore

  8. Book ImageNarcissism and Intimacy: Love and Marriage in an Age of Confusion

    Marion Solomon

    In our culture we demand a great deal from our intimate relationships—and we are often disappointed.More

  9. Book ImageSelf-Delight in a Harsh World: The Main Stories of Individual, Marital, and Family Psychotherapy

    James Paul Gustafson

    This book is about the three kinds of plots that run the lives of patients--subservience, bureaucratic delay and overpowering. It is also about the three kinds of psychotherapy that attempt to deal with these plots: objective psychiatry, which deals with the outside surface; subjective psychiatry, which deals with the inside; and narrative psychiatry, which attempts to deal with both.More

  10. Book ImageWorking with Couples in Conflict

    Susan M. Heitler

    In this three part audiotape series, Susan Heitler demonstrates how to use couples' conflicts to facilitate effective therapy.More

  11. Book ImageAnger, Alcoholism, and Addiction: Treating Individuals, Couples, and Families

    Patricia S. Potter-Efron, Ronald T. Potter-Efron

    Intended primarily for counsellors working with alcoholics, addicts and their families, this text describes three treatment approaches to anger - ventilation, reduction and management - along with their advantages and disadvantages for different types of patients.

  12. Book ImageConstructing the Sexual Crucible: An Integration of Sexual and Marital Therapy

    David Morris Schnarch

    This book challenges the fundamental paradigms in sexual-marital therapies, and provides a fresh look at the nature of intimacy and the diverse barriers to eroticism in many marriages.More

  13. Book ImagePrivate Lies: Infidelity and the Betrayal of Intimacy

    Frank Pittman

    Why do half the people in marriages have affairs? What problems are they trying to solve?More

  14. Book ImageThe Mirages of Marriage

    William J. Lederer, Don D. Jackson, Karl Menninger

    “We believe that husband and wife in a discordant marriage can do the greater part of the healing and growing for themselves. There is no doctor or counselor who can—for any amount of money—give ‘instant’ love or marital harmony. The partners involved must do the work.” —William J. Lederer and Don D. Jackson, M.D.More

  15. Book ImageA Lifelong Love Affair: Keeping Sexual Desire Alive in Your Relationship

    Joseph Nowinski

    Nowinski looks at a wide range of problems that can undermine emotional intimacy, such as low self-esteem, gender-role conflict, feelings of powerlessness, distrust between partners, job stress, and anger.More

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