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  1. Book ImageHow to Read Lacan

    Slavoj Žižek, Simon Critchley

    “The only thing of which one can be guilty of is having given ground relative to one’s desire.”—Jacques LacanMore

  2. Book ImageVirtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality

    Elias Aboujaoude

    "Instantly engaging and eminently accessible . . . . an enlightening and cautionary exploration of an increasingly intrusive aspect of modern society." —BooklistMore

  3. Book ImageA House Divided: Suspicions of Mother-Daughter Incest

    Paul R. Abramson, Steven D. Pinkerton

    Based on a true story, A House Divided: Suspicions of Mother-Daughter Incest tells the emotionally harrowing tale of a mother’s fight to retain custody of her daughter amid horrifying accusations of mother-daughter incest.More

  4. Book ImageDepression in Context: Strategies for Guided Action

    Michael E. Addis, Neil S. Jacobson, Christopher R. Martell

    In Depression in Context, Martell, Addis, and Jacobson explain the theory behind their model, describe strategies and techniques for successful therapy, and bring the treatment to life with many clinical examples as well as two complete case illustrations.More

  5. Book ImageSuperiority and Social Interest: A Collection of Later Writings

    Alfred Adler, Heinz Ludwig Ansbacher, Rowena R. Ansbacher

    “This compilation establishes Adler beyond doubt as one of the wisest psychologists of this century.” —Gordon W. AllportMore

  6. Book ImageCooperation Between the Sexes: Writings on Women and Men, Love and Marriage, and Sexuality

    Alfred Adler, Heinz Ludwig Ansbacher, Rowena R. Ansbacher

    As presented here, Adler’s emphasis on the equality of the sexes and his innovative concept of the “masculine protest” provides the basis of present-day considerations of the dynamics of sexuality, love and marriage. Co-operation Between the Sexes remains in many ways a modern work by a writer whom Gordon Allport called “one of the wisest psychologists of this century.”More

  7. Book ImageTherapy with Older Clients: Key Strategies for Success

    Marc Agronin

    Basic strategies and tips for doing effective therapy with elderly clients.More

  8. Book ImageDivorced Families: Meeting the Challenge of Divorce and Remarriage

    Constance R. Ahrons, Roy H. Rodgers

    “The first book to approach divorce as a state of normal adult development, beautifully analyzed and explained.” —Paul Bohannan, Ph.D.More

  9. Book ImagePsychosomatic Medicine: Its Principles and Applications

    Franz Alexander

    A pioneer in the field of psychoanalysis and psychosomatic medicine describes the fundamental concepts on which the psychosomatic approach is based and presents the results of study concerning the influence of emotions on bodily processes in health and disease. Dr. Alexander draws a clear picture of the psychological factors involved in a body process and shows that these factors must receive the same detailed scrutiny as the physiological processes.More

  10. Book ImageThe Savage God: A Study of Suicide

    A. Alvarez

    "To write a beautiful book about suicide . . . to transform the subject into something beautiful—this is the forbidding task that A. Alvarez set for himself. . . . He has succeeded."—New York TimesMore

  11. Book ImageFlying Solo: Single Women in Midlife

    Carol M. Anderson, Susan Stewart, Sona Dimidjian

    A groundbreaking book portraying the new American lifestyle of single midlife women.More

  12. Book ImageMad, Bad, and Sad: A History of Women and the Mind Doctors

    Lisa Appignanesi

    “[A work of] wit, wisdom and richness. . . . A grand tour of derangement, from matricide to anorexia.” —John Leonard, Harper’sMore

  13. Book ImageThe Confident Child: Raising Children to Believe in Themselves

    Terri Apter

    A renowned social psychologist's clear-cut, thoughtful, and practical strategy for parents who want to promote self-confidence in their child.More

  14. Book ImageSecret Paths: Women in the New Midlife

    Terri Apter

    "The author of Altered Loves . . . now turns her analytical eye toward middle-aged women. The result is both lively and revealing." --New York Times Book ReviewMore

  15. Book ImageConditions of Love: The Philosophy of Intimacy

    John Armstrong

    “A gracefully argued and compassionate work. . . . Armstrong does for philosophy what Adam Phillips does for psychoanalysis: removes our fear of it: demonstrates its fascinations. Conditions of Love works like a loving conversation; the reader is attracted, amused, encouraged to respond, left fulfilled and eager for more.” —Independent on SundayMore

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