Social Psychology

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  1. Book ImageThe Uses of Disorder: Personal Identity and City Life

    Richard Sennett

    “[Sennett] has ended up writing the best available contemporary defense of anarchism. . . . The issues [he] raises are fundamental and profound. His book is utopian in the best sense—it tries to define a radically different future and to show that it could be constructed from the materials at hand.” –Kenneth Keniston, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  2. Book ImageNeurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization

    Karen Horney

    One of the most original psychoanalysts after Freud, Karen Horney pioneered such now familiar concepts as alienation, self-realization, and the idealized image, and she brought to psychoanalysis a new understanding of the importance of culture and environment.More

  3. Book ImageFinal Lectures

    Karen Horney, Douglas H. Ingram

    This book presents the lectures Karen Horney gave her class on psychoanalytic technique during the last year of her life.More

  4. Book ImageFeminine Sexuality: Jacques Lacan and the école freudienne

    Jacques Lacan, Juliet Mitchell, Jacqueline Rose

    Jacques Lacan is arguably the most controversial psychoanalyst of our time.More

  5. Book ImageThe Social Foundations of Language and Thought: Essays in Honor of Jerome S. Bruner

    David R. Olson, George A. Miller, Jerome Bruner

    The essays in this volume have been inspired by the ideas and teachings of this leading American psychologist and were presented to him on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday.More

  6. Book ImageThe Interactional View

    Paul Watzlawick, John H. Weakland

    This book contains articles by members and associates of the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, based on their work in family therapy during the period 1965-1974.More

  7. Book ImageLies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: The Manipulation of Public Opinion in America

    Michael Wheeler

    "Vote early and often" is an old American joke. The funny thing is, we now do that year in and year out in the form of endless public opinion polls that have reached the point of being confused with elections and with public opinion itself. Michael Wheeler's is the first...More

  8. Book ImageRevolutionary Immortality: Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Cultural Revolution

    Robert Jay Lifton

    “Robert Jay Lifton offers a new conceptual framework for our understanding not only of Chinese convulsion, its causes, its surprising potency and its consequences, but of evolution in general and the strange urgency, which can become paramount, of revolution never to proclaim itself successful, never to say its job is done and its goals attained. . . . [Dr. Lifton] has made a signal contribution to the understanding of the relationship of individual psychology to historical change, and especially of the vicissitudes of human continuity . . . .Revolutionary Immortality is, I would judge, an essential study of Communist China; more than that, it is an original, intellectually exciting, gracefully written and wholly accessible essay on an aspect of human individual and mass psychology as it operates in contemporary revolutionary circumstances around the world.” —Eliot Fremont-Smith, New York TimesMore

  9. Book ImageSearch for Security: An Ethno-Psychiatric Study of Rural Ghana

    M. J. Field

    In Search for Security, M. J. Field offers a unique ethno-psychiatric study of rural Ghana. The book focuses on the people, many of whom were obviously mentally ill, who came to the shrines of a new religious movement for help. The author’s training in clinical...More

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