Social Psychology

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  1. Book ImageFreedom and Destiny

    Rollo May

    The popular psychoanalyst examines the continuing tension in our lives between the possibilities that freedom offers and the various limitations imposed upon us by our particular fate or destiny.More

  2. Book ImagePleasure Wars: The Bourgeois Experience Victoria to Freud

    Peter Gay

    A master historian shows us a new side of the Victorian Era--the role of the Bourgeois as reactionaries, revolutionaries, and middle-of-the-roaders in the passage of high culture toward modernism.More

  3. Book ImagePower and Innocence: A Search for the Sources of Violence

    Rollo May

    Stressing the positive, creative aspects of power and innocence, Rollo May offers a way of thinking about the problems of contemporary society.More

  4. Book ImageWomen and the Common Life: Love, Marriage, and Feminism

    Christopher Lasch, Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn

    "Vintage Lasch.... One of the refreshments of reading him is that he states his beliefs outright."—Andrew Delbanco, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  5. Book ImageSecret Paths: Women in the New Midlife

    Terri Apter

    "The author of Altered Loves . . . now turns her analytical eye toward middle-aged women. The result is both lively and revealing." --New York Times Book ReviewMore

  6. Book ImageThe Naked Heart: The Bourgeois Experience Victoria to Freud

    Peter Gay

    In The Naked Heart, Peter Gay explores the bourgeoisie's turn inward.More

  7. Book ImageThe Mismeasure of Man

    Stephen Jay Gould

    Revised & Expanded

    The definitive refutation to the argument of The Bell Curve.More

  8. Book ImageReal Gorgeous: The Truth about Body and Beauty

    Kaz Cooke

    A hilarious and empowering book for girls and women who are insecure about their body image.More

  9. Book ImageFlying Solo: Single Women in Midlife

    Carol M. Anderson, Susan Stewart, Sona Dimidjian

    A groundbreaking book portraying the new American lifestyle of single midlife women.More

  10. Book ImageThe Cultivation of Hatred: The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud

    Peter Gay

    With the same sweep, authority, and originality that marked his best-selling Freud: A Life for Our Time, Peter Gay here takes us on a remarkable journey through middle-class Victorian culture.More

  11. Book ImageThe Neurotic Personality of Our Time

    Karen Horney

    In this work, Karen Horney explores the basic structure of neuroses in the context of their cultural assumptions.More

  12. Book ImageFeminine Psychology

    Karen Horney

    As a psychoanalytic pioneer, Karen Horney questioned some of Freud's formulations of psychosexual development, particularly in relation to women.More

  13. Book ImageAuthority

    Richard Sennett

    This book is a study of both how we experience authority and how we might experience it differently. Sennett explores the bonds that rebellion against authority paradoxically establishes, showing how this paradox has been in the making since the French Revolution and how today it expresses itself in offices, in factories, and in government as well as in the family. Drawing on examples from psychology, sociology, and literature, he eloquently projects how we might reinvigorate the role of authority according to good and rational ideals.More

  14. Book ImageOur Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis

    Karen Horney

    Here Karen Horney develops a dynamic theory of neurosis centered on the basic conflict among attitudes of "moving forward" "moving against," and "moving away from" people.More

  15. Book ImageFreud on Women: A Reader

    Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

    Ever since Freud made his first major statements about female sexuality and psychology, his views have been the focus of intense debate—both within psychoanalysis and without.More

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