Political Science

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  1. Book ImageBritain and France between Two Wars: Conflicting Strategies of Peace from Versailles to World War II

    Arnold Wolfers

    "Brilliant... highly original in its approach and meticulously cautious, concise and convincing in its judgments." --Sidney B. Fay, The Yale ReviewMore

  2. Book ImageCharles Beard and the Constitution: A Critical Analysis of An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution

    Robert E. Brown

    In this work, Robert E. Brown applies the fruits of modern historical scholarship toward an understanding of Beard's groundbreaking and controversial work. With a perspective of forty years, Brown attempts to separate the valid from the bogus in this work.More

  3. Book ImageTeapot Dome: Oil and Politics in the 1920's

    Burl Noggle

    Teapot Dome, a sandstone formation in Wyoming that overlooks a United States Naval Oil Reserve, furnished a name for one of the most sensational scandals in the history of American politics. Professor Noggle unravels this complex tale of corruption, tracing Teapot Dome from its origins in the conservation feuds of 1920-1921 through the bitter partisanship that evolved between the two major political parties. He scrutinizes the tactics used by each party either to exploit or to minimize the conspiracy.More

  4. Book ImageThe Crossroad Papers: A Look into the American Future

    Hans J. Morgenthau

    Nineteen distinguished scholars, writers, and political practitioners consider the growing chasm between certain obsolete attitudes and the realities of our political and social life. Ranging over such diverse subjects as "The Future of the Race Issue," "The Economics of Disarmament," "America and the Communist Challenge," "The Case of the Ailing Unions," and "The Future of the Metropolis," they dissect the issues and contribute practical, brilliant, and often original solutions, which may serve as guideposts for the future.More

  5. Book ImageThe Democratic South

    Dewey W. Grantham, Jr.

    The economic and social revolution in the South interpreted in the light of history.More

  6. Book ImageThe Truman-MacArthur Controversy and the Korean War

    John W. Spanier

    "The order not to bomb the Yalu bridges was the most indefensible and ill-conceived decision ever forced on a field commander in our nation's history....I will always believe that if the United States had issued a warning to the effect that any entry of the Chinese Communists in force into Korea would be considered an act of international war against the United States, that the Korean War would have been terminated with our advance north." General Douglas MacArthur in Reminiscences (1964) thus recalled the unyielding position he took in April, 1951, when President Truman relieved him of all his commands in the Far East for publicly opposing the policies of the United States government.More

  7. Book ImageGermany Tried Democracy

    Samuel W. Halperin

    “Teachers of courses in twentieth-century German history will welcome the reprinting of this book, which has held its position as the best of the single-volume histories of the Weimar Republic in English.” —Gordon A. CraigMore

  8. Book ImageThe Greek State

    Victor Ehrenberg

    “A classic among works of classical scholarship.” —Times Literary SupplementMore

  9. Book ImageThe Rich Nations and the Poor Nations

    Barbara Ward

    "If, as I believe, there is more real security for Americans in understanding than in H-bombs, Barbara Ward has done us an inestimable service with this absorbing, enlightening book. I strongly urge my fellow countrymen to read it, for they will find in it essential...More

  10. Book ImageFive Ideas That Change the World

    Barbara Ward, Kwame Nkrumah

    "Barbara Ward does not make the mistake common to many economists and political theorists of attempting to interpret the present, still less to prophesy the future, in terms solely of the past. Though in each of her lectures she traces for each of her fields the development of political thought from the earliest times, the great importance of the series lies in her analysis of the present and her synthesis of the components into a broad picture which explains while it informs." —Kwame Nkrumah, from the ForewordMore

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