Comparative Politics

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  1. Book ImageEssentials of Comparative Politics with Cases

    Patrick H. O'Neil

    Sixth AP® Edition

    A seamless integration of the best-selling conceptual text and casebook.More

  2. Book ImageEssentials of Comparative Politics

    Patrick H. O'Neil

    Sixth Edition

    The most accessible conceptual textMore

  3. Book ImageCases in Comparative Politics

    Patrick H. O'Neil, Karl Fields, Don Share

    Sixth Edition

    The most comprehensive, consistent casebookMore

  4. Book ImageCases and Concepts in Comparative Politics: An Integrated Approach

    Patrick H. O'Neil, Karl Fields, Don Share

    A seamless integration of the best-selling conceptual text and casebook

  5. Book ImageEssential Readings in Comparative Politics

    Patrick H. O'Neil, Ronald Rogowski

    Fifth Edition

    Classic works and contemporary ideasMore

  6. Book ImageBorn in Blood and Fire: A Concise History of Latin America

    John Charles Chasteen

    Fourth Edition

    The most readable, highly regarded, and affordable history of Latin America for our times.More

  7. Book ImageUniversal Rights Down to Earth

    Richard Thompson Ford

    A path-blazing lesson on how to reconcile lofty human rights ambitions with political and cultural realities.More

  8. Book ImageThe Justice Cascade: How Human Rights Prosecutions Are Changing World Politics

    Kathryn Sikkink

    Acclaimed scholar Kathryn Sikkink examines the important and controversial new trend of holding political leaders criminally accountable for human rights violations.More

  9. Book ImageThe Ayatollahs' Democracy: An Iranian Challenge

    Hooman Majd

    "One of America's most astute revealers of Iranian culture and identity."-Reza Aslan, The AtlanticMore

  10. Book ImageProsperity & Violence: The Political Economy of Development

    Robert H. Bates

    Second Edition

    In his new edition of Prosperity and Violence, Robert Bates continues to investigate the relationship between political order and economic growth.More

  11. Book ImageGoverning China: From Revolution to Reform

    Kenneth Lieberthal

    Second Edition

    Governing China: From Revolution to Reform, the leading text for courses on Chinese politics has been thoroughly revised and updated.More

  12. Book ImageBuilding the Rule of Law: Francis Nyalali and the Road to Judicial Independence in Africa

    Jennifer A. Widner

    "[I]ndependence of the judiciary, impartiality of adjudication, fairness of trial, and integrity of the adjudicator are so universally accepted that one may reasonably conclude that these principles are inherent to any justice system in a democracy…there is no doubt that these same principles are part of the African dream."—Francis Nyalali, Chief Justice of Tanzania, 1976–1999More

  13. Book ImageFrom Voting to Violence: Democratization and Nationalist Conflict

    Jack L. Snyder

    In his new book, Jack Snyder focuses his clear logic on a pressing issue of our times: nationalism.More

  14. Book ImageAt a Century's Ending: Reflections, 1982-1995

    George F. Kennan

    “Thoughtful critiques of many of the major issues confronting American foreign policymakers in the 1980s and early ‘90s. . . .Kennan’s voice is unique, tempered by three decades of life in Stalinist Europe and informed by a deep, unmatched knowledge of Russia’s people and history.” —Matthew DallekBoston Book ReviewMore

  15. Book ImageA Nation of Enemies: Chile Under Pinochet

    Pamela Constable, Arturo Valenzuela

    "This will stand as the definitive work on Chile under Pinochet for many years to come."—Library JournalMore

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