Music Biography

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  1. Book ImageI Say Me for a Parable: The Oral Autobiography of Mance Lipscomb, Texas Bluesman

    Mance Lipscomb, Glen Alyn

    “[A] life that’s one of the great American stoires. Lipscomb (1895-1976) knew how to tell a tale, and had incredible tales to tell. . . . [G]ratitude is owed Alyn for preserving Lipscomb’s remarkable story.” —Kirkus ReviewsMore

  2. Book ImageTchaikovsky: The Final Years, 1855-1893

    David Brown

    This very distinctive new work on Tchaikovsky uniquely combines a lively biography of one of the best-loved composers of the nineteenth century with a chronological guide to his music, from the popular ballets and concertos to lesser-known pieces. Brown enthusiastically and sensitively guides the reader with writing that is both accessible and informative. This is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Tchaikovsky, his music and the culture of his time.More

  3. Book ImageThe Creative World of Mozart

    Paul Henry Lang

    More than any other of the classic masters of music except perhaps Bach, Mozart continues to be the subject of intensive investigation.

  4. Book ImageDylan: A Biography

    Bob Spitz

    "No other book captures it so well, understands so well.... "—Greil MarcusMore

  5. Book ImageCharles E. Ives: Memos

    Charles Ives, John Kirkpatrick

    A source book incorporating all the most important unpublished writings of America’s great composer.More

  6. Book ImageBartok Remembered

    Malcolm Gillies

    In Bartók Remembered, Malcolm Gillies has brought us closer to this man through a collection of memoirs written by those who knew him best. The volume contains nearly one hundred recollections of Bartók, from his mother’s memories of his early years in provincial Hungary, to assorted reminiscences of his last years in New York.More

  7. Book ImageDuke: A Portrait of Duke Ellington

    Derek Jewell

    “Derek Jewell has performed a valuable task in writing the first complete biography of the greatest composer jazz has so far produced and one of America’s most important musicians.” —André PrevinMore

  8. Book ImageTchaikovsky: The Years of Wandering, 1878-1885

    David Brown

    Volume(s): 3

    The third volume of what is, unquestionably, proving to be a definitive biography covers the years in which Tchaikovsky was struggling to recover from the devastating experience of his marriage. During those years he retreated into an existence as solitary as he could make it, supported only by his intimate family and his closest friends. Much of the time he withdrew to his sister's home in the Ukraine, or to one of the country estates of his strange benefactress, Nadezhda von Meck. Or he would depart from Russia on restless and rootless wanderings in Germany, France, Italy; and would write to his brother Modest, "What a delight to be able to take a walk without being afraid of meeting people I know.More

  9. Book ImageTchaikovsky: The Crisis Years, 1874-1878

    David Brown

    Volume(s): 2

    With the second volume of this authoritative study of Tchaikovsky's life and music, we come to the crucial years that established him among the world's leading composers and almost destroyed him as a man.More

  10. Book ImageThe Chopin Companion: Profiles of the Man and the Musician

    Alan Walker

    The Chopin Companion is illustrated with a photograph of the composer, fourteen manuscript facsimiles, and 350 music examples. It also contains a biographical summary chart and a chronological table of the compositions.More

  11. Book ImageThe Monteverdi Companion

    Denis Arnold, Nigel Fortune, Claude V. Palisca

    Monteverdi is still too often thought of as a revolutionary who single-handed overthrew the principles governing the composition of music for generations past. The Monteverdi Companion offers chapters on aspects of Monteverdi’s work that relate his achievement to the music and ideas of his elders and contemporaries, illustrating the ways he learned from them and how he incorporated new procedures and principles into his music.More

  12. Book ImageVivaldi

    Marc Pincherle, Christopher Hatch

    A definitive biography of the great eighteenth century Venetian composer of the Baroque.More

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