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  1. Book ImageRock and Roll Is Here To Stay: An Anthology

    Peter Guralnick, William McKeen

    "If you like rock and roll, you'll love this raunchy, rollicking anthology—great writers, great music, and astounding musicians dead and alive." —Carl HiaasenMore

  2. Book ImageLone Star Swing

    Duncan McLean

    High Fidelity meets Blue Highways in this gloriously offbeat quest for the true roots of Texas Swing.More

  3. Book ImageThe New Grove Gospel, Blues and Jazz

    William Bolcom, Max Harrison, Paul Oliver

    'Max Harrison . . . surveys the whole history and development of jazz in a concise, well written and well illustrated . . . article together with an extensive bibliography.' —Richard D. C. Noble, Times Literary SupplementMore

  4. Book ImageMan Walking on Eggshells

    Herbert Simmons

    Infused with the blues, Man Walking on Eggshells is a haunting jazz novel with radical elements that still have the power to shock and move the readerMore

  5. Book ImageElvis Presley: The Rebel Years

    Schirmer's Visual Library, Lester Bangs

    The immortal Elvis Presley is shown here in his early years from 1954 to 1960 when he still had the unrestrained power of a naive, exceedingly charming Southern boy who was slowly losing his innocence.More

  6. Book ImageThe Music of Black Americans: A History

    Eileen Southern

    Third Edition

    A new edition of the classic text on African American music.

  7. Book ImageMarsalis on Music

    Wynton Marsalis

    Companion book to the popular PBS-TV series Marsalis on Music, introducing families, children, and music-hungry readers of all ages to the joy of good music, both classical and jazz.More

  8. Book ImageEarly Work: 1970-1979

    Patti Smith

    Selections from Patti Smith's writings over the decade in which she made a lasting impact on America's underground literary and rock scene.More

  9. Book ImageSwing, Swing, Swing: The Life & Times of Benny Goodman

    Ross Firestone

    “A first-rate biography. . . . The narrative flows like a swinging jazz solo.” —Dan Morgenstern, director, Rutgers Institute of Jazz StudiesMore

  10. Book ImageDylan: A Biography

    Bob Spitz

    "No other book captures it so well, understands so well.... "—Greil MarcusMore

  11. Book ImageReadings in Black American Music

    Eileen Southern

    Second Edition

    In this companion volume to The Music of Black Americans, Eileen Southern draws on letters, journals, memoirs, ledgers, books, articles, and even slave advertisements in newspapers to illuminate the story told that historical survey, now in its Third Edition.More

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