Classical Music

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  1. Book ImageAnthology of Baroque Music

    John Walter Hill

    The Anthology of Baroque Music contains 130 carefully selected scores for the compositions highlighted in Baroque Music.More

  2. Book ImageBeethoven: The Music and the Life

    Lewis Lockwood

    An authoritative work offering a fresh look at Beethoven’s life, career, and milieu. “Magisterial” —New York Review of Books.More

  3. Book ImageShakespeare's Songbook

    Ross W. Duffin

    A remarkable work that recovers the songs Shakespeare's audiences actually heard and brings them to life through performance.More

  4. Book ImageMusic in European Capitals: The Galant Style, 1720–1780

    Daniel Heartz

    A glittering cultural tour of Europe's major capitals during a period of intense musical change.More

  5. Book ImageNew Worlds of Dvořák: Searching in America for the Composer's Inner Life

    Michael B. Beckerman

    A forceful reinterpretation of the composer's personality and work.More

  6. Book ImageJohann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician

    Christoph Wolff

    Finalist for the 2001 Pulitzer Prize in Biography, this landmark book was revised in 2013 to include new knowledge discovered after its initial publication.More

  7. Book ImageLexicon of Musical Invective: Critical Assaults on Composers Since Beethoven's Time

    Nicolas Slonimsky

    "A supermarket tabloid of classical music criticism."—From the new foreword by Peter Schickele.More

  8. Book ImageThe Puccini Companion

    William Weaver, Simonetta Puccini

    This informative volume offers 27 photographs and drawings, select bibliographies, a chronology of Puccini’s life and works, a dramatis personae of the countless individuals who played a role in Puccini’s career, a list of first performances, and plot summaries of all the operas.More

  9. Book ImageSymphony No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 98

    Johannes Brahms, Kenneth Hull

    The Norton Critical Score of Brahm's Fourth Symphony is the latest volume in this highly-regarded series, in which an authoritative score--here the first edition as corrected by the composer--is combined with illuminating essays and documents for an in-depth study of the work.More

  10. Book ImageThe New Bach Reader

    Hans T. David, Arthur Mendel, Christoph Wolff

    Revised and enlarged

    "Just reading these documents brings this great composer to life in a most exciting and vivid way. I love this book!" —Yo-Yo MaMore

  11. Book ImageMusic in the Age of the Renaissance

    Leeman L. Perkins

    A richly detailed portrait of the music and surrounding culture in one of history's most creative eras.More

  12. Book ImageEssays Before a Sonata, The Majority, and Other Writings

    Charles Ives

    Ives's second piano sonata, Concord, Mass., 1845, stands among the masterpieces of American music.More

  13. Book ImageAnthology of Renaissance Music

    Allan W. Atlas

    In this carefully selected anthology—the author of Renaissance Music presents full scores for all the music highlighted in the companion text—a total of 102 works of complete movements by some 75 composers.More

  14. Book ImageRenaissance Music: Music in Western Europe, 1400–1600

    Allan W. Atlas

    Renaissance Music, by Allan W. Atlas, is a formidable new addition to Norton’s Introduction to Music History series.More

  15. Book ImageBeethoven's Concertos: History, Style, Performance

    Leon Plantinga

    “A winning combination of scholarship and intuition—and an unparalleled guide to understanding and performing these works.” —Emanuel AxMore

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