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  1. Book ImageThe Supreme Court Explained

    Ellen Greenberg

    Finally, the workings of the Supreme Court revealed in this marvelously clear guide to our most important judicial institution.More

  2. Book ImageSuicide in America

    Herbert Hendin

    New and Expanded Edition

    A groundbreaking book about suicide.More

  3. Book ImageBarriers to Conflict Resolution

    Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation, Kenneth J. Arrow, Robert H. Mnookin, Et Al.

    Why can’t we all just get along? In family life, schools, law, the business world, and domestic and international affairs, it is all too common for disputes to fester unresolved even when the parties are committed to a negotiated settlement. In this book members and associates of the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation address the complex issues that protract disputes and turn potential win-win negotiations into conflicts that leave everyone worse off.More

  4. Book ImageUnequal Protection: Women, Children, and the Elderly in Court

    Lois G. Forer

    “Deserves to be read by anyone who is interested in the inherent injustices that abound in our legal system. . . . Well-written. . . . Gripping and important.” —New York Times Book ReviewMore

  5. Book ImageSupreme Folly: Hilarious Excerpts from Actual Court Cases

    Rodney R. Jones, Gerald F. Uelmen, Lee Lorenz

    “More hilarity from the folks who brought us Disorderly Conduct . . . . It’s better to laugh than to cry when contemplating the court system.” —BooklistMore

  6. Book ImageGreat Law & Order Stories

    John Clifford Mortimer

    The creator of the irrepressible barrister-sleuth, Rumpole of the Old Bailey, presents a superb collection of classic tales of mystery and suspense. With stories by such authors as P.D. James and Charles Dickens, Conan Doyle and Raymond Chandler, Edgar Allan Poe and John...More

  7. Book ImageGiant Killers

    Michael Pertschuk

    Giant Killers is one of the rare books that is fun to read, fascinating and educational about the realities of modern Washington lobbying. Mike Pertschuk has done a great service, with good humor and lively anecdotes.” —Joseph A. Califano, Jr., former Secretary of Health and Human ServicesMore

  8. Book ImageThe Other Government: The Unseen Power of Washington Lawyers

    Mark J. Green, Ralph Nader

    Revised Edition

    “Green sets off [his] fire alarm with an acetylene torch as hot as anyone has applied to the Washington legal scene.” —Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Harvard Law BulletinMore

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