Military History

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  1. Book Image"One Hell of a Gamble": Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1964

    Aleksandr Fursenko, Timothy Naftali

    Based on classified Soviet archives, including the files of Nikita Khrushchev and the KGB, "One Hell of a Gamble" offers a riveting play-by-play history of the Cuban missile crisis from American and Soviet perspectives simultaneously.More

  2. Book ImageAccessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics and the Military

    Neil deGrasse Tyson, Avis Lang

    New York Times Bestseller

    An exploration of the age-old complicity between skywatchers and warfighters, from the best-selling author of Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.More

  3. Book ImageAftermath: A Soldier's Return from Vietnam

    Frederick Downs, Jr.

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  4. Book ImageAll the Daring of the Soldier: Women of the Civil War Armies

    Elizabeth D. Leonard

    The fascinating stories of the women who worked as spies, as daughters of the regiments, or who disguised themselves as male soldiers to play their heroic part in the Civil War.More

  5. Book ImageAlone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat Into Victory

    Michael Korda

    Combining epic history with rich family stories, Michael Korda chronicles the outbreak of World War Two and the great events that led to Dunkirk.More

  6. Book ImageAmerica in Vietnam: A Documentary History

    William Appleman Williams, Thomas McCormick, Lloyd C. Gardner, Et Al.

    This collection of essays and documents, written and compiled by four distinguished historians, is an essential source book for anyone seeking to understand the causes, character, and consequences of American involvement in Vietnam.More

  7. Book ImageAmerican Soldier of WWII: D-Day, A Visual Reference

    Denis Hambucken

    On June 6, 1944, 75,000 American men landed on the beaches of Normandy. The opening act in the liberation of Western Europe was the most ambitious military operation in history. This book provides an intimate look at soldiers’ day-to-day experience through period equipment, weapons, and personal belongings.More

  8. Book ImageAngels in the Sky: How a Band of Volunteer Airmen Saved the New State of Israel

    Robert Gandt

    The gripping story of how an all-volunteer air force helped defeat five Arab nations and protect the fledgling Jewish state.More

  9. Book ImageApproaching Vietnam: From World War II Through Dienbienphu, 1941-1954

    Lloyd C. Gardner

    “An extremely solid history of Indochina in the Viet Minh War era. Essentially a diplomatic history, but one that carefully weaves in developments on the battlefield. Makes use of new knowledge and is a useful corrective to some of the earlier works on the subject by the French. Recommended.” —Douglas Pike, Indochina ChronologyMore

  10. Book ImageArmies of the Raj: From the Great Indian Mutiny to Independence, 1858-1947

    Byron Farwell

    "The stories are glorious and told with zest and verve."—Washington TimesMore

  11. Book ImageArmy Life in a Black Regiment

    Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Howard N. Meyer

    "One of the great source documents in human history, but one of our greatest Americans. . . . Thrilling reading." —Tillie OlsenMore

  12. Book ImageArmy of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War

    Paul Scharre

    Winner of the 2019 William E. Colby Award

    "The book I had been waiting for. I can't recommend it highly enough." —Bill GatesMore

  13. Book ImageThe Balkan Express: Fragments from the Other Side of the War

    Slavenka Drakulic

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  14. Book ImageThe Battered Stars: One State's Civil War Ordeal During Grant's Overland Campaign

    Howard Coffin

    From the home front in Vermont to the battlefields of Virginia.More

  15. Book ImageThe Battle for the Falklands

    Max Hastings, Simon Jenkins

    "Must be read by all our military people and anyone who wants to find out what really happened on the Falkland Islands." —James M. GavinMore

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