European History

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  1. Book Image"One Hell of a Gamble": Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1964

    Aleksandr Fursenko, Timothy Naftali

    Based on classified Soviet archives, including the files of Nikita Khrushchev and the KGB, "One Hell of a Gamble" offers a riveting play-by-play history of the Cuban missile crisis from American and Soviet perspectives simultaneously.More

  2. Book Image1688: A Global History

    John E. Wills, Jr.

    "A totally absorbing book...imaginative and erudite, full of startling juxtapositions and flashes of real perception."—Jonathan D. SpenceMore

  3. Book Image1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe

    Peter N. Stearns

    The revolutionary outburst of 1848 was unprecedented in Europe.More

  4. Book Image21st Century Capitalism

    Robert L. Heilbroner

    "It is my hope that some grasp of what the twenty-first century holds in store for capitalism may enable us to avoid at least some of the pain we might otherwise have to endure," writes the eminent economist Robert Heilbroner in this important book on the world's economic future.More

  5. Book ImageThe Age of Nationalism and Reform, 1850-1890

    Norman Rich

    Second Edition

    The Revolutions of 1848 swept away some of the foremost champions of international conservatism: new statesmen with new aims replaced them and dominated Europe in the latter half of the nineteenth century.More

  6. Book ImageThe Age of Religious Wars, 1559-1715

    Richard S. Dunn

    Second Edition

    This series provides seven original, through, and well-balanced volumes for courses in European history from the Renaissance to the present.More

  7. Book ImageAlone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat Into Victory

    Michael Korda

    Combining epic history with rich family stories, Michael Korda chronicles the outbreak of World War Two and the great events that led to Dunkirk.More

  8. Book ImageThe Alps: A Human History from Hannibal to Heidi and Beyond

    Stephen O'Shea

    “An entertaining, turbocharged race among the high mountain passes of six alpine countries.” —Liesl Schillinger, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  9. Book ImageApologia Pro Vita Sua

    John Henry Cardinal Newman, David J. DeLaura

    The text of the Apologia reprinted in this volume is the definitive text, embodying all of Newman's later changes, which reached its final form about 1886. Extensive notes are provided.More

  10. Book ImageArmies of the Raj: From the Great Indian Mutiny to Independence, 1858-1947

    Byron Farwell

    "The stories are glorious and told with zest and verve."—Washington TimesMore

  11. Book ImageAsperger's Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna

    Edith Sheffer

    Shortlisted for the 2019 Mark Lynton History Prize

    A groundbreaking exploration of the chilling history behind an increasingly common diagnosis.More

  12. Book ImageAuschwitz

    Debórah Dwork, Robert Jan van Pelt

    "[A] peerless work of documentation and research that sheds new light on this century's darkest address."—Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewMore

  13. Book ImageBarbarians to Angels: The Dark Ages Reconsidered

    Peter S. Wells

    A rich and surprising look at the robust European culture that thrived after the collapse of Rome.More

  14. Book ImageThe Battle for the Falklands

    Max Hastings, Simon Jenkins

    "Must be read by all our military people and anyone who wants to find out what really happened on the Falkland Islands." —James M. GavinMore

  15. Book ImageThe Battle of Britain: The Greatest Air Battle of World War II

    Richard Alexander Hough, Denis Richards

    A definitive account of the three-month air battle in 1940 between the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe.More

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