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  1. Book ImageThe Earth Shall Blossom: Shaker Herbs and Gardening

    Galen Beale, Mary Rose Boswell

    The Shakers endlessly fascinate us; they seem always to offer something new. We are drawn again and again to their philosophy of simple, resourceful living, to their artifacts, and to their architecture, music, furniture, and agriculture.More

  2. Book ImageGarden Guide: New York City

    Nancy Berner, Susan Lowry, Joseph De Sciose

    Revised Edition

    A horticultural escape and guided tour through all the best- and little-known gardens in New York City’s five boroughs.More

  3. Book ImageLeaves from the Garden: Two Centuries of Garden Writing

    Clare Best, Caroline Boisset

    Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, Britain has seen the emergence of a gardening style that is the envy of the world.More

  4. Book ImageThe Compost-Powered Water Heater: How to heat your greenhouse, pool, or buildings with only compost!

    Gaelan Brown

    Here is a revolutionary approach for heating rooms and generating hot water. Author Gaelan Brown has worked with engineers and compost scientists to refine methods of composting that can heat greenhouses, barns, buildings, and hot water, all without combustion.More

  5. Book ImageCapital Splendor: Parks & Gardens of Washington, D.C.

    Valerie Brown, Barbara Glickman

    Stunning photos and in-depth essays on more than 30 of Washington, D.C.'s gardens, some famous and other little-known gems, make this book a must-have for visitors and residents alike.More

  6. Book ImageThe New Garden Paradise: Great Private Gardens of the World

    Dominique Browning

    A celebration in words and breathtaking images of thirty-five landscapes created for private clients by today's preeminent designers.More

  7. Book ImageHidcote: The Making of a Garden

    Ethne Clarke, Roy Strong

    Revised Edition

    A new and enlarged edition of the standard reference on an internationally revered English garden and its designer.More

  8. Book ImageWetland Design: Principles and Practices for Landscape Architects and Land-Use Planners

    Robert L. France

    Wetlands combine the beauty of both aesthetic form and ecological function in a way that few other landforms can match.More

  9. Book ImageThe Ordinance Survey Guide to Historic Houses in Britain

    Peter Furtado

    Describes the history and background of more than one hundred eighty mansions and palaces in Scotland, England, and Wales, and provides information on hours, facilities, and restrictions.More

  10. Book ImageLiving with Herbs: A Treasury of Useful Plants for the Home and Garden

    Jo Ann Gardner

    Second Edition

    With vivid stories and an infectious delight in the garden, Jo Ann Gardner shares her wisdom and useful tips on planting, growing, and harvesting more than 90 different kinds of herbs.More

  11. Book ImageStone in the Garden: Inspiring Designs and Practical Projects

    Gordon Hayward

    How to use stone—in walls, walkways, terraces, and more—to create beautiful, lasting gardens.More

  12. Book ImageYour House, Your Garden: A Foolproof Approach to Garden Design

    Gordon Hayward, Janet Fredericks, Richard Felber

    A breakthrough in inspiring yet practical do-it-yourself garden and landscape design, including dozens of detailed plans.More

  13. Book ImageThe Intimate Garden: Twenty Years and Four Seasons in Our Garden

    Gordon Hayward, Mary Hayward

    A renowned garden designer tells how he and his wife built their garden, imparting countless valuable lessons learned.More

  14. Book ImageTending Your Garden: A Year-Round Guide to Garden Maintenance

    Gordon Hayward, Mary Hayward, Richard W. Brown

    How to keep any garden looking its best, through the seasons and through the years.More

  15. Book ImageEnglish Cottage Gardening: For American Gardeners

    Margaret Hensel

    Revised Edition

    Thanks to the extraordinary photographs and gardening wisdom in this classic book, the elegant intimacy of the English cottage garden is a practical possibility for amateur gardeners in diverse regions of the United States.More

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