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  1. Book ImageJane Brody's Good Food Book: Living the High-Carbohydrate Way

    Jane Brody, Pierre Franey

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  2. Book ImageDoing Better and Feeling Worse: Health in the United States

    John H. Knowles

    The articles deal with a wide range of problems and questions, from the soaring costs of medical care, medical manpower and training, biomedical research, ethics, delivery systems, technology, and insurance to the very meaning of health.More

  3. Book ImageVitamins: Their Use and Abuse

    Joseph Victor Levy, Paul Bach-y-Rita

    Americans are consuming vitamins in ever-increasing amounts, and this book was written because its authors, both biomedical professionals, could get no sound general guidance on vitamins for themselves and their families from any existing volume. They were impressed with the confusion, conflicting information and claims, and indeed fraudulent hucksterism that exist in the field of vitamins.More

  4. Book ImageThe Wisdom of the Body

    Walter B. Cannon

    The first detailed account of the way in which our bodies preserve their stability against the many disturbing forces they encounter, suggesting that the lessons to be derived from the body's wisdom might be applied to problems of social and economic stabilization.More

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