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  1. Book ImageThe Low-Fat Supermarket Shopper's Guide: Making Healthy Choices from Thousands of Brand-Name Foods

    Jamie Pope, Martin Katahn

    Completely Revised and Updated

    Healthy shopping made easy in this fully updated guide.More

  2. Book ImageThe Healthy Family Cookbook

    Hope Ricciotti, Vincent Connelly

    Here are 150 mouthwatering recipes along with all the advice you need to keep your family healthy and energetic.More

  3. Book ImageLung Cancer: Myths, Facts, Choices--and Hope

    Claudia I. Henschke, Peggy McCarthy, Sarah Wernick

    An authoritative book with new lifesaving strategies for those at risk and those already diagnosed.More

  4. Book ImageDiagnosis: Cancer: Your Guide to the First Months of Healthy Survivorship

    Wendy Schlessel Harpham

    Revised Edition

    The book you need to make the right decisions and get good care from diagnosis through treatment.More

  5. Book ImageThe Teen Health Book: A Parents' Guide to Adolescent Health and Well-Being

    Ralph I. Lopez, Kate Kelly

    “A terrific book for parents of teens (and preteens). . . . López writes with empathy and good humor and clearly has a thorough grounding in—and affection for—his specialty.” —Library Journal, starred reviewMore

  6. Book ImageThe Breast Cancer Prevention Cookbook

    Hope Ricciotti, Vincent Connelly

    Full of healthful recipes and life-saving information, this is the one book you will want to cook from for the rest of your life.More

  7. Book ImageThe Loss of Self: A Family Resource for the Care of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

    Donna Cohen, Carl Eisdorfer

    Revised Edition

    A tremendous resource for all those grappling with Alzheimer's disease, including patients, families, caregivers, and professionals.More

  8. Book ImageThe Prostate Book: Sound Advice on Symptoms and Treatment

    Stephen N. Rous

    Third Edition

    The new edition of an eminent urologist's complete guide to the prostate.More

  9. Book ImageDiagnosis: Heart Disease: Answers to Your Questions about Recovery and Lasting Health

    John W. Farquhar, Gene A. Spiller

    Let this book be your guide from diagnosis toward a truly heart-healthy lifestyle.More

  10. Book ImageBulimia/Anorexia: The Binge/Purge Cycle and Self-Starvation

    Marlene Boskind-White, William C. White, Jr.

    "The power of the book lies in [its] vast clinical experience.... Eminently readable and filled with clinical anecdote.... Invaluable."—The LancetMore

  11. Book ImageThe Body Silent: The Different World of the Disabled

    Robert F. Murphy

    "The most powerful book of its kind I've ever read.... Extraordinary powers of observation, generalization, and depth."—Oliver Sacks, author of The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a HatMore

  12. Book ImageAnatomy of Anorexia

    Steven Levenkron

    "Invaluable to clinicians, parents, teenagers, and adults who are struggling with anorexia." —Lynn E. Ponton, M.D.More

  13. Book ImageThe T-Factor Diet

    Martin Katahn

    Revised and Updated

    The antidote to fad diets: here is the original bestseller that revolutionized the way we think about food.More

  14. Book ImageThe Low-Fat Fast Food Guide

    Martin Katahn, Jamie Pope

    Revised and Expanded

    A completely updated edition of the guide (with over 300,000 copies sold) that lets you use "McDonald’s" and "diet" in the same sentence.More

  15. Book ImageHerbal Remedies from the Wild: Finding and Using Medicinal Herbs

    Corinne Martin

    A handbook for the home herbalist, detailing how to identify, gather, and prepare more than fifty different wild plants for medicinal use.More

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