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  1. Book ImageBeyond the Culture Wars: How Teaching the Conflicts Can Revitalize American Education

    Gerald Graff

    "Graff offers a highly readable and down-to-earth perspective on some of the most ballyhooed issues in higher education today. . . . By encouraging us to argue together, he may yet help us to reason together."—Henry Louis Gates, Jr.More

  2. Book ImageThe University: An Owner's Manual

    Henry Rosovsky

    "Superb. . . . Rosovsky has written an important book—probing, wise, shrewd, fair. . . . Deserves to be widely read." —James O. Freeman, Washington PostMore

  3. Book ImageA Free and Ordered Space: The Real World of the University

    A. Bartlett Giamatti

    “[Giamatti] contributes a fresh voice to the debate over higher education in America, writing not about what we ought to know, but about why it is important to know.” —Los Angeles Times Book ReviewMore

  4. Book ImageA Whole-Souled Woman: Prudence Crandall and the Education of Black Women

    Susan Strane

    In 1833, in Canterbury, Connecticut, Prudence Crandall, a white, Quaker-bred schoolmistress, opened the first private boarding school for black girls in New England. The village was outraged and tried to discourage Crandall with threats, boycotts, and vandalism. When these methods failed, the village elders persuaded the state legislature to pass the "Black Law," which made it a crime for blacks who were not residents of Connecticut to go to school there. Liable as the students' teacher, Crandall went to trial three times before a judge finally dismissed her case.More

  5. Book ImagePsycho-Analysis for Teachers and Parents

    Anna Freud

    The four lectures that comprise this book were given before the teachers at the Children's Centers in Vienna by Anna Freud, the daughter of Sigmund Freud and a renowned psychoanalyst of children.More

  6. Book ImageThe School Upon a Hill: Education and Society in Colonial New England

    James Axtell

    “Provides a provocative new insight into the changing pattern of New England cultural and social history.” —William and Mary QuarterlyMore

  7. Book ImageSchools Where Children Learn

    Joseph Featherstone

    Joseph Featherstone—along with John Holt, Robert Coles, and Charles Silberman—stands at the forefront of those calling for a humane, new education for our children.More

  8. Book ImageTwo, Four, Six, Eight, When You Gonna Integrate?

    Ernest A. Hirsch, C. Lillian Petroni, Frank A. Petroni

    Students at a desegregated high school speak out.More

  9. Book ImageThe Relevance of Education

    Jerome Bruner

    "Education is in a state of crisis. It has failed to respond to changing social needs—lagging behind rather than leading." The crisis that Jerome Bruner identifies in this volume admits of no easy solutions. But the noted American psychologist makes clear that educational reform must begin with the understanding of how a child acquires information and converts knowledge into action. Drawing on his current work on infant development, Bruner underscores the importance of formulating educational strategies that expand rather than constrict the skills of the young learner.More

  10. Book ImageEducation and the Good Life

    Bertrand Russell

    One of the Great Classic Books on Education by Nobel Prize Winner Bertrand Russell.More

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