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  1. Book ImageMillikan's School: A History of the California Institute of Technology

    Judith R. Goodstein

    Millikan’s School presents an interesting and thoroughly reliable account of the astonishing change over a period of a few years of a small technical school in Pasadena, California, into one of the world’s leading scientific institutions.” —Linus PaulingMore

  2. Book ImageThe Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home

    Susan Wise Bauer, Jessie Wise

    Third Edition

    "If you're a parent who has decided to educate your children yourself, this book is the first you should buy."—?Washington TimesMore

  3. Book ImageEnchanted Hunters: The Power of Stories in Childhood

    Maria Tatar

    Highly illuminating for parents, vital for students and book lovers alike, Enchanted Hunters transforms our understanding of why children should read.More

  4. Book ImageWhat's Liberal About the Liberal Arts?: Classroom Politics and "Bias" in Higher Education

    Michael Bérubé

    "A sensitive, sensible, and compelling account of American education at its best."—Philadelphia InquirerMore

  5. Book ImageWhen Sex Goes to School: Warring Views on Sex--and Sex Education--Since the Sixties

    Kristin Luker

    "It is difficult to imagine a juicier subject, or a more thoughtful, fluent, trustworthy guide for its exploration."—San Francisco ChronicleMore

  6. Book ImageCyber Rules: What You Really Need to Know about the Internet: The Essential Guide for Clinicians, Educators, and Parents

    Joanie Farley-Gillispie, Jayne Gackenbach

    The Internet socializes people in new ways, encouraging the development of innovative approaches to communication and online identity. As new technology and media emerge, cyber behaviors will continue to affect us, our relationships, our communities, and the world, both on- and offline.More

  7. Book ImageWelcome to the Real World: You Got an Education, Now Get a Life!

    Stacy Kravetz

    For every college graduate—the savvy, witty, comprehensive survival guide to getting on your feet in the Real World.More

  8. Book ImageThe Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had

    Susan Wise Bauer

    An engaging, accessible guide to educating yourself in the classical tradition.More

  9. Book ImageRiches for the Poor: The Clemente Course in the Humanities

    Earl Shorris

    "You've been cheated," Earl Shorris tells a classroom of poor people in New York City.More

  10. Book ImageAlmost Grown: Launching Your Child from High School to College

    Patricia Pasick

    A time of tumult, your children's transition from high school to college can also be a time of growth. This book shows you how.More

  11. Book ImageTwice as Less: Black English and the Performance of Black Students in Mathematics and Science

    Eleanor Wilson Orr

    "Eleanor Wilson Orr’s book makes a major contribution toward our understanding of the ways in which language differences can affect the performance of black students in fields that do not seem to be closely connected to language skills". —John B. Slaughter, former director, National Science FoundationMore

  12. Book ImageOn Playing a Poor Hand Well: Insights from the Lives of Those Who Have Overcome Childhood Risks and Adversities

    Mark Katz

    Many happy and productive adults grew up under difficult conditions that they couldn't change, no matter how hard they tried. Some struggled with learning and attention problems and yet found a way to succeed. What were the secrets of their resiliency?More

  13. Book ImageOvercoming Math Anxiety

    Sheila Tobias

    Sheila Tobias said it first: mathematics avoidance is not a failure of intellect, but a failure of nerve. When this book was first published in 1978, Tobias's political and psychological analysis brought hope and made "math anxiety" a household expression.More

  14. Book ImageCreative Strategies for School Problems: Solutions for Psychologists and Teachers

    Michael Durrant

    In today's unsure, and often unsafe, school environment, professionals need brief but thorough strategies to handle any classroom imbalance.More

  15. Book ImageExcellence

    John W. Gardner

    Can we be equal and excellent too?More

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