History of Economics

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  1. Book ImageTeachings from the Worldly Philosophy

    Robert L. Heilbroner

    Selections from great writings on economics, annotated and introduced by a distinguished economist and teacher.More

  2. Book ImageSilent Depression: Twenty-Five Years of Wage Squeeze and Middle Class Decline

    Wallace C. Peterson

    Longtime observer of the American economy Wallace C. Peterson here offers a wake-up call.More

  3. Book ImageThe Rise of China: How Economic Reform is Creating a New Superpower

    William H. Overholt

    Long considered an overpopulated, repressive, backward country, China has in the last decade entered the small circle of advanced industrial nations. Economic reform, more than any other factor, is responsible for this progress, maintains William H. Overholt in this provocative book.More

  4. Book ImageA New Economic View of American History: From Colonial Times to 1940

    Jeremy Atack, Peter Passell

    Second Edition

    New sources of data, together with advances in theory, offer the opportunity for a fresh look at old and new questions.More

  5. Book ImageBetween Two Cultures: An Introduction to Economic History

    Carlo M. Cipolla, Christopher Woodall

    “A scholarly, entertaining look at the objectives and techniques of economic historiography. . . . Cipolla’s presentation of economic history as a humanistic rather than scientific discipline makes economic historiography seem fascinating and rather fun.” —Kirkus ReviewsMore

  6. Book ImageEssays in Persuasion

    John Maynard Keynes

    The essays in this volume show Keynes's attempts to influence the course of events by public persuasion over the period of 1919-40.More

  7. Book ImageAn Inquiry into the Human Prospect: Looked at Again for the 1990s

    Robert L. Heilbroner

    Is there hope for man? That "terrible question" was posed by Robert L. Heilbroner in the original version of An Inquiry into the Human Prospect.More

  8. Book ImageThe Essential Adam Smith

    Adam Smith, Robert L. Heilbroner, Laurence J. Malone

    Few writings are more often cited as a cornerstone of modern economic thought than those of Adam Smith. Few are less read.More

  9. Book ImageStructure and Change in Economic History

    Douglass C. North

    In this bold, sweeping study of the development of Western economies, Douglass C. North sets forth a new view of societal change.More

  10. Book ImageDid Monetary Forces Cause the Great Depression?

    Peter Temin

    "Given the magnitude and importance of this event [the Great Depression], it is surprising how little we know about its causes." —Peter TeminMore

  11. Book ImageThe Rise and Decline of The Medici Bank, 1397-1494

    Raymond de Roover

    The roots of modern capitalism go back to the Italian banking system of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In the fifteenth century, the Medici Bank succeeded in overshadowing its competitors, the Bardi and the Peruzzi, who were the giants of the fourteenth century, and grew into a vast establishment with branches in most of the large cities of Western Europe. A study of its operations is essential to an understanding of the economic conditions in Europe in the fifteenth century.More

  12. Book ImageThe Economic Growth of the United States: 1790-1860

    Douglass C. North

    "All readers will profit by the virtuosity with which the author has carried out his pioneering attempt to erect the structure of economic hisotry on the basis of a theory of development." —Carter Goodrich, American Historical ReviewMore

  13. Book ImageThe Community of Europe: Past, Present and Future

    Richard Mayne, Jean Monnet

    “This book is the first to seize clearly upon the nature of this new dynamic, and to present it simply and forcefully in the context or rapidly moving events.” —From the Introduction by Jean MonnetMore

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