Cultural Studies

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  1. Book ImageCatharine Beecher: A Study in American Domesticity

    Kathryn Kish Sklar

    “A thoughtful, ingenious, speculative book, a pleasure to read and to reread. No one interested in the history of women and the family, and in Victorian civilization as a whole, can afford to miss it.” —Journal of American HistoryMore

  2. Book ImageShame and Guilt: A Psychoanalytic and a Cultural Study

    Gerhart Piers, Milton B. Singer, Roy R. Grinker

    A psychoanalyst and an anthropologist collaborate in a now-famous formulation. Guilt and shame are feelings resulting from certain childhood experiences. Although the terms appear to have similar meanings and are often used interchangeably, each of the two feelings influences different patterns of behavior and probably contributes to different character types.More

  3. Book ImageWhat Does America Mean?

    Alexander Meiklejohn

    A distinguished social philosopher offers a searching argument on freedom and national purpose. Written at the depth of the Depression, in a time of deep national concern over America’s future, What Does America Mean? was addressed to students, to the young who have been alienated and embittered by our betrayal of our own deepest commitments. It is the quality of the spirit that Meiklejohn seeks to define: “Our questions is not, “Do Americans get justice?’ but rather, ‘Do Americans give justice?’” Today, more than a generation later, the book still demands of us, not “What’s going to become of America?” but “What do we mean America to become?More

  4. Book ImageAlberuni's India

    Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Biruni

    Alberuni's India is one of the greatest achievements of medieval scholarship. Not for nearly eight hundred years would any other writer match Alberuni's profound understanding of almost all aspects of Indian life.More

  5. Book ImageRevolution as Theatre

    Robert Brustein

    Revolution as Theatre reflects the deep concern of a brilliant and disciplined mind confronted with the spectre of "clenched minds and clenched fists."More

  6. Book ImageThe Student Revolution: A Global Confrontation

    Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

    In early 1969 Joseph A. Califano, Jr., President Johnson's top domestic assistant, traveled on a Ford Foundation grant to London, Paris, Bonn, Berlin, Rome, Israel, Kenya, Tanzania, India, and Japan to look at the problem of student unrest abroad. This book is not only a report on those problems and an analysis of the common elements of that unrest--it also reflects on the lessons of the author's experience in the United States.More

  7. Book ImageEveryday Life in Babylon and Assyria

    G. Contenau

    “The author of this book is one of the leading Assyriologists of our time, and his mastery of his subject is evident throughout.” —Arnold Toynbee, The ObserverMore

  8. Book ImageThe Greek State

    Victor Ehrenberg

    “A classic among works of classical scholarship.” —Times Literary SupplementMore

  9. Book ImageThe Burman: His Life and Notions

    Shway Yoe, John K. Musgrave

    Only one Western writer has ever been able to capture fully the spirit of the delightful inhabitants of Burma. Whether describing the childbirth rates, the function of the astrologers in Burmese society, or the Buddhist precepts by which the good Burman lives, "Shway Yoe"...More

  10. Book ImageWorld History of the Dance

    Curt Sachs

    This book is the most comprehensive history to appear before the public of the art which has been so fundamental an expression in every period of human history. It contains a discussion of the general types and characteristics of the dance, and also deals specifically with its forms and symbols from the Stone Age through classical antiquity, the middle ages, the 18th century, and the not so distant era of the waltz and polka, to the 20th century.More

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