Food Writing

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  1. Book ImageAncient Brews: Rediscovered and Re-created

    Patrick E. McGovern, Sam Calagione

    One of Smithsonian Magazine’s Ten Best Books of the Year about Food
    A Forbes Best Booze Book of the YearMore

  2. Book ImageThe Bloodless Revolution: A Cultural History of Vegetarianism: From 1600 to Modern Times

    Tristram Stuart

    “Magnificently detailed and wide-ranging.”—Steven Shapin, The New YorkerMore

  3. Book ImageComing Home to Eat: The Pleasures and Politics of Local Food

    Gary Paul Nabhan

    “The first manifesto of the local food movement, and it remains one of the best—eloquent, bracing, and full of vital information.” —Michael PollanMore

  4. Book ImageCooking for Mr. Latte: A Food Lover's Courtship, with Recipes

    Amanda Hesser

    "Tender, wry, passionate, truthful. To read Hesser's prose is to hunger for more."—Nigella LawsonMore

  5. Book ImageThe Culinary Imagination: From Myth to Modernity

    Sandra M. Gilbert

    From the recipe novel to the celebrity chef, renowned scholar Sandra M. Gilbert explores the poetics and politics of food.More

  6. Book ImageDid You Just Eat That?: Two Scientists Explore Double-Dipping, the Five-Second Rule, and other Food Myths in the Lab

    Paul Dawson, Brian Sheldon

    Is the five-second rule legitimate?
    Are electric hand dryers really bacteria blowers?
    Am I spraying germs everywhere when I blow on my birthday cake?
    How gross is backwash?

  7. Book ImageEat, Memory: Great Writers at the Table, a Collection of Essays from the New York Times

    Amanda Hesser

    “Draws with literary aplomb the correlation of what and how we eat to who we are.”—Austin ChronicleMore

  8. Book ImageEating Words: A Norton Anthology of Food Writing

    Sandra M. Gilbert, Roger J. Porter, Ruth Reichl

    “Food writing spans centuries and philosophies. . . . At long last there’s a Norton Anthology with all the most important works.”—EaterMore

  9. Book ImageExtra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil

    Tom Mueller

    "[Mueller reveals] the brazen fraud in the olive oil industry and [teaches] readers how to sniff out the good stuff." —Dwight Garner, New York TimesMore

  10. Book ImageThe Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food

    Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

    “It’s a challenge to create transformative moments with books, but [Masson] does it.”—Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles TimesMore

  11. Book ImageA Feast of Words: For Lovers of Food and Fiction

    Anna Shapiro

    "Anna Shapiro's books have all been delicious. But this one grants a wish of every voracious reader. Here at last, a book that no one can object to his reading at the table!" —Thomas MallonMore

  12. Book ImageFlavor: The Science of Our Most Neglected Sense

    Bob Holmes

    A journey into the surprising science behind our flavor senses.More

  13. Book ImageFood City: Four Centuries of Food-Making in New York

    Joy Santlofer, Marion Nestle

    A 2017 James Beard Award Nominee: From the breweries of New Amsterdam to Brooklyn’s Sweet’n Low, a vibrant account of four centuries of food production in New York City.More

  14. Book ImageFour Seasons in Five Senses: Things Worth Savoring

    David Mas Masumoto

    The nation's favorite literary farmer pays homage to the life of the senses.More

  15. Book ImageGrowing a Farmer: How I Learned to Live Off the Land

    Kurt Timmermeister

    "Charming . . . . [Kurt Timmermeister] narrates his personal journey with an open, straightforward spirit." —Wall Street JournalMore

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