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  1. Book ImageRussian Peasants and Soviet Power: A Study of Collectivization

    Moshe Lewin, Irene Nove, Alec Nove, Et Al.

    “A most important and pioneering book—the only full-scale study of the Russian revolution and the peasant from 1917 through the first wave of mass collectivization in 1930.” —Stephen F. CohenMore

  2. Book ImageWho Put the Con in Consumer?

    David Sanford

    Who Put the Con in Consumer? is more than a simple exposé, for it gives concrete advice on how to survive in a world of promotional traps and start fighting back. You'll read this book laughing and you'll come away knowing you've been had.More

  3. Book ImageThe Principles of Scientific Management

    Frederick Winslow Taylor

    "This book is not merely the precursor of modern organization and decision theory, it is in many respects its origin. . . . A seminal work: an often misinterpreted work: and an indipensable source of administrative theory." —Arch T. Dodson, Cornell UniversityMore

  4. Book ImageThe Rise and Decline of The Medici Bank, 1397-1494

    Raymond de Roover

    The roots of modern capitalism go back to the Italian banking system of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In the fifteenth century, the Medici Bank succeeded in overshadowing its competitors, the Bardi and the Peruzzi, who were the giants of the fourteenth century, and grew into a vast establishment with branches in most of the large cities of Western Europe. A study of its operations is essential to an understanding of the economic conditions in Europe in the fifteenth century.More

  5. Book ImageBusiness Cycles and National Income

    Alvin H. Hansen, Richard V. Clemence

    Expanded Edition

    In this new edition Professor Hansen augments his authoritative study of the business cycle with an analysis of the performance—and the problems—of the postwar American economy.More

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