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  1. Book ImageMoneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

    Michael Lewis

    "This delightfully written, lesson-laden book deserves a place of its own in the Baseball Hall of Fame." —ForbesMore

  2. Book ImageSeal the Deal: 130 Surefire Negotiating Strategies

    Peter Goodman, Leonard Koren

    From soft sell to hardball, from sweet persuasion to total war, these powerful bargaining tactics help you win every time.More

  3. Book ImageDeal Engines: The Science of Auctions, Stock Markets, and E-Markets

    Robert E. Hall

    Where and how electronic deal making will flourish and common pitfalls for entrepreneurs and investors.More

  4. Book ImageThe Info Mesa: Science, Business, and New Age Alchemy on the Santa Fe Plateau

    Edward Regis

    The explosive rise and shining future of Santa Fe's informatics industry, where scientists are converting abstract theory into real profit.More

  5. Book ImageFinancial Management: A Primer

    Stephen Robert Foerster

    Financial Management: A Primer is a short and simple text that makes arcane financial data and reports crystal-clear for the nonfinance specialist.More

  6. Book ImageNext: The Future Just Happened

    Michael Lewis

    The New York Times bestseller. "His book is a wake-up call at a time when many believe the net was a flash in the pan."—BusinessWeekMore

  7. Book ImageWinning the Talent Wars: How to Build a Lean, Flexible, High-Performance Workplace

    Bruce Tulgan

    "Bruce Tulgan is the new Tom Peters."—Howard Jenkins, chairman and CEO, Publix Super Markets, Inc.More

  8. Book ImageBook Business: Publishing Past, Present, and Future

    Jason Epstein

    "An irresistible book about Grub Street, authorship and the literary marketplace."—Washington Post Book WorldMore

  9. Book ImageThe Win-Win Solution: Guaranteeing Fair Shares to Everybody

    Steven J. Brams, Alan D. Taylor

    "Powerful, credible, and applicable . . . the methodology is immaculately detailed."—FortuneMore

  10. Book ImageManaging Generation X: How to Bring Out the Best in Young Talent

    Bruce Tulgan

    Revised Edition

    Revised and updated.

    The book that exploded the slacker myth and introduced the world to the real GenX: flexible, technoliterate, information-savvy, entrepreneurial, and perfectly adaptable to the new just-in-time workplace.More

  11. Book ImageThe Complete How to Figure It: Using Math in Everyday Life

    Darrell Huff, Carolyn R. Kinsey

    An all-in-one compendium of easy techniques for all kinds of calculations, from personal finance to home improvement.More

  12. Book ImageDebt and Bankruptcy

    Steven D. Strauss

    Know your legal rights without spending a fortune in legal fees; get the advice of an expert for the cost of a book.More

  13. Book ImageStrategy in Poker, Business & War

    John McDonald

    Whether your primary interest is to improve your card game or put together a political coalition, here you will be enjoyably instructed in an approach to strategy that has caught the imagination of a generation of readers.

  14. Book ImageTheirs Was the Kingdom: Lila and DeWitt Wallace and the Story of the Reader's Digest

    John Heidenry

    “[A] hugely detailed, engagingly written history. . . . [Mr. Heidenry] is very good on the Digest’s business history, drawing on the recollections of an impressive number of former and present staff members as well as company archives. He also devotes proper consideration to the Digest’s importance as a cultural and ideological force.” —Richard Lingeman, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  15. Book ImageBarriers to Conflict Resolution

    Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation, Kenneth J. Arrow, Robert H. Mnookin, Et Al.

    Why can’t we all just get along? In family life, schools, law, the business world, and domestic and international affairs, it is all too common for disputes to fester unresolved even when the parties are committed to a negotiated settlement. In this book members and associates of the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation address the complex issues that protract disputes and turn potential win-win negotiations into conflicts that leave everyone worse off.More

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