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  1. Book ImageRussian Peasants and Soviet Power: A Study of Collectivization

    Moshe Lewin, Irene Nove, Alec Nove, Et Al.

    “A most important and pioneering book—the only full-scale study of the Russian revolution and the peasant from 1917 through the first wave of mass collectivization in 1930.” —Stephen F. CohenMore

  2. Book ImageLiar's Poker (25th Anniversary Edition): Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street

    Michael Lewis

    25th Anniversary Edition

    The time was the 1980s. The place was Wall Street. The game was called Liar’s Poker.More

  3. Book ImagePacific Rift: Why Americans and Japanese Don't Understand Each Other

    Michael Lewis

    “Lewis’s take is often comic, but his message is serious. He sees Japan as it is and sums up the challenge: ‘How can our capitalism beat their capitalism?’ By keeping his eyes open and asking the right questions, this newcomer comes up with penetrating insights.” —William J. Holstein, Business WeekMore

  4. Book ImageThe New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story

    Michael Lewis

    New York Times Bestseller. “A superb book. . . . [Lewis] makes Silicon Valley as thrilling and intelligible as he made Wall Street in his best-selling Liar’s Poker.”—TimeMore

  5. Book ImageBoomerang: Travels in the New Third World

    Michael Lewis

    “Lewis shows again why he is the leading journalist of his generation.”—Kyle Smith, ForbesMore

  6. Book ImageMoneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

    Michael Lewis

    "This delightfully written, lesson-laden book deserves a place of its own in the Baseball Hall of Fame." —ForbesMore

  7. Book ImageNext: The Future Just Happened

    Michael Lewis

    The New York Times bestseller. "His book is a wake-up call at a time when many believe the net was a flash in the pan."—BusinessWeekMore

  8. Book ImageLiar's Poker

    Michael Lewis

    The time was the 1980s. The place was Wall Street. The game was called Liar’s Poker.More

  9. Book ImageThe Money Culture

    Michael Lewis

    The classic warts-and-all portrait of the 1980s financial scene.More

  10. Book ImagePanic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity

    Michael Lewis

    The New York Times bestseller: A masterful account of today’s money culture, showing how the underpricing of risk leads to catastrophe.More

  11. Book ImageFlash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt

    Michael Lewis

    #1 New York Times Bestseller — With a new AfterwordMore

  12. Book ImageThe Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds

    Michael Lewis

    “Brilliant. . . . Lewis has given us a spectacular account of two great men who faced up to uncertainty and the limits of human reason.” —William Easterly, Wall Street JournalMore

  13. Book ImageYou Don't Own Me: How Mattel v. MGA Entertainment Exposed Barbie's Dark Side

    Orly Lobel

    The battle between Mattel, the makers of the iconic Barbie doll, and MGA, the company that created the Bratz dolls, was not just a war over best-selling toys, but a war over who owns ideas.More

  14. Book ImageGood Money: A Guide to Profitable Social Investing in the '90s

    Ritchie P. Lowry

    “A great book. . . . [An] easy to understand vision of how people and businesses can make money and a wonderful world at the same time.” —Ben Cohen, CEO, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc.More

  15. Book ImageThe Random Walk Guide to Investing: Ten Rules for Financial Success

    Burton G. Malkiel

    Simply put, the essential first book for any investor.More

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