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  1. Book Image"Most Blessed of the Patriarchs": Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination

    Annette Gordon-Reed, Peter S. Onuf

    "An important book…[R]ichly rewarding. It is full of fascinating insights about Jefferson." —Gordon S. Wood, New York Review of BooksMore

  2. Book Image“Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious Character

    Richard P. Feynman, Bill Gates, Ralph Leighton

    One of the most famous science books of our time, the phenomenal national bestseller that "buzzes with energy, anecdote and life. It almost makes you want to become a physicist" (Science Digest).More

  3. Book Image"What Do You Care What Other People Think?": Further Adventures of a Curious Character

    Richard P. Feynman, Ralph Leighton

    The New York Times best-selling sequel to "Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!"More

  4. Book ImageAfter Emily: Two Remarkable Women and the Legacy of America's Greatest Poet

    Julie Dobrow

    The untold story of the extraordinary mother and daughter who brought Emily Dickinson’s genius to light.More

  5. Book ImageAfter the Revolution: Profiles of Early American Culture

    Joseph J. Ellis

    Through portraits of four figures—Charles Willson Peale, Hugh Henry Brackenridge, William Dunlap, and Noah Webster—Joseph Ellis provides a unique perspective on the role of culture in post-Revolutionary America, both its high expectations and its frustrations.

  6. Book ImageAfter the Stroke: A Journal

    May Sarton

    "This distinguished poet/essayist. . .describes poignantly the long, anxious days. . . .A lyrical, candid, sensitive spirit pervades this chronicle, which ends with Sarton well again, rejoicing in the present and putting the past behind her." —Publishers WeeklyMore

  7. Book ImageThe Age of Caesar: Five Roman Lives

    Plutarch, James Romm, Pamela Mensch, Et Al.

    “Plutarch regularly shows that great leaders transcend their own purely material interests and petty, personal vanities. Noble ideals actually do matter, in government as in life.” —Michael Dirda, Washington PostMore

  8. Book ImageAhead of Her Time: Abby Kelley and the Politics of Antislavery

    Dorothy Sterling

    “[The author] tells this remarkable story with honesty and compassion. Readers will find a wealth of new information not only about Kelley’s outstanding contribution to abolitionism but about the movements to bring about the end of slavery and to advance the cause of women.” —Mari Jo Buhle, Brown UniversityMore

  9. Book ImageAlbert Schweitzer's Mission: Healing and Peace

    Norman Cousins

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  10. Book ImageAlexander Hamilton: A Biography

    Forrest McDonald

    “What Mr. McDonald’s book does, with exceptional skill and learning, is to re-examine Hamilton’s policies as secretary of the treasury. To this task the author brings a masterful knowledge of the politics of the period. . . . He brilliantly demonstrates how William Blackstone, David Hume and Jacques Necker affected Hamilton’s thought. Finally, Mr. McDonald . . . gives the clearest exposition that I have ever seen of just what Hamilton’s financial policies were and how they worked.” —David Herbert Donald, New York Times Book ReviewMore

  11. Book ImageAlexander Pope: A Life

    Maynard Mack

    Winner of the Christian Gauss Award of Phi Beta Kappa and the Robert Kirsch Award of the Los Angeles Times.More

  12. Book ImageAlexander Pope: A Life

    Maynard Mack

    The first comprehensive biography of the greatest English poet of the classical age.More

  13. Book ImageAlexander the Great

    Ulrich Wilcken, G C. Richards, Eugene N. Borza

    Here is one of the great biographies of Alexander, in its original form, brought fully up to date with findings of modern research and criticism.More

  14. Book ImageAlfred C. Kinsey: A Life

    James H. Jones

    The hidden life of Alfred C. Kinsey, the principal architect of the sexual revolution.More

  15. Book ImageAlice Walker: A Life

    Evelyn C. White

    "The rich, complex story White tells . . . is never less than fascinating." —New York Times Book ReviewMore

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