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  1. Book ImageThaddeus Stevens: Scourge of the South

    Fawn M. Brodie

    "More imaginatively than any other Stevens biographer, Fawn Brodie has speculated upon the emotional springs of the man's behavior. More resourcefully than any other, she has brought out the objective conditions to which he related his views on the South. Her book must be taken into account by all serious students of the Civil War and Reconstruction." —Richard N. Current, William F. Allen Professor of History, The University of WisconsinMore

  2. Book ImageWartime Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

    Rainer Maria Rilke, M. D. Herter Norton

    The letters Rilke wrote during the war and postwar years are of particular interest not only for whatever they may contain of the wisdom of the poet, the artist, and the humanitarian, but for their analysis of the intellectual and spiritual currents of the time.More

  3. Book ImageThe Lives of Talleyrand

    Crane Brinton

    The Lives of Talleyrand is a study of the character and actions of the man who so profoundly influenced the destiny of the French Revolution and helped to shape the contours of all Europe as well. The requisite historical background is of course given, but it is the many-faceted personality of Talleyrand which the author has made it his task to portray--and he has done so with discrimination and wit.More

  4. Book ImageVivaldi

    Marc Pincherle, Christopher Hatch

    A definitive biography of the great eighteenth century Venetian composer of the Baroque.More

  5. Book ImageThe Son of Man: The Story of Jesus

    Emil Ludwig, Eden Paul, Cedar Paul

    There are few biographers of the scope, depth and reach of Emil Ludwig. His biographies of Napoleon and other world-famous figures have made him one of the most widely read, widely appreciated writers of our time. Like Francis Hackett he combines thorough scholarship with a gift for the dramatic. He is also a master of psychology: from the historical record he re-constructs human figures that move and speak as if they were living in our time.More

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