Drawing, Design & Color

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  1. Book ImageVoyage Le Corbusier: Drawing on the Road

    Jacob Brillhart, Le Corbusier, Jean-Louis Cohen

    Following the master architect’s drawing campaign as a young man.More

  2. Book ImageWatercolor Sketching: An Introduction

    Paul Laseau

    A step-by-step course in creating watercolor sketches.More

  3. Book ImageShop Drawings of Shaker Furniture & Woodenware (Vols, 1, 2 & 3)

    Ejner Handberg

    Volume(s): 1, 2 & 3

    An authoritative and classic three-book collection, now in one volume.More

  4. Book ImageWindows of the World

    Dominique Lenclos, Jean-Philippe Lenclos

    The "eyes" of a building, windows separate viewer from view, inside from outside, public from private. Windows of the World tours the infinite richness of this basic architectural element, from the simple, square porthole of a stone farmhouse in Brittany to the fine ironwork details of the mashrabiya that screen windows in Morocco to the windows of New York’s Greenwich Village, crisscrossed by a complex, ornate maze of fire escapes.More

  5. Book ImageHandbook of Decorative Motifs

    Birthe Koustrup

    Four-color ornamental illustrations fill the pages of Handbook of Decorative Motifs, offering a lively catalog of inspired design ideas and models for decorative painters, interior designers, and craftspeople.More

  6. Book ImageColors of the World

    Dominique Lenclos, Jean-Philippe Lenclos, Gregory Bruhn

    Colors of the World presents a chromatic journey through the colors of vernacular architecture from the United States to the far corners of the globe.More

  7. Book ImageFreehand Sketching

    Paul Laseau

    Even in the computer age, freehand sketching is the designer’s most useful tool for notation, design exploration, and graphic communication.More

  8. Book ImageDimensional Color

    Lois Swirnoff

    Second Edition

    To the basic grammar of color and form presented in the first edition of Dimensional Color, Lois Swirnoff adds a chapter on color structure and expands one on color and light.More

  9. Book ImageAirbrush Illustration for Architecture

    George Dombek, Tom Porter

    This book dispels common misconceptions and gives instructions for mastering the airbrush.

  10. Book ImageThe Designer's Eye

    Brent C. Brolin

    This imaginative book offers architecture students over a hundred examples of visual problem solving in architectural design.

  11. Book ImageDesign Drawing Experiences

    William Kirby Lockard

    2000 Edition

    Tested in architectural studio courses over 25 years and two editions.More

  12. Book ImageMeasured Drawings of 18th Century American Furniture

    Ejner Handberg

    A carefully detailed guide to fine eighteenth century American furniture.More

  13. Book ImageMeasured Drawings of Shaker Furniture and Woodenware

    Ejner Handberg

    Carefully detailed, time-tested guides to building Shaker furniture and woodenware.More

  14. Book ImageShop Drawings of Shaker Iron and Tinware

    Ejner Handberg

    Provides diagrams for making Shaker door latches, hinges, handrails, shovels, candlesticks, ladles, choppers, stoves, teapots, syrup jugs, dippers, lamp fillers, shaving mugs, scoops, candle sconces, and dustpans.More