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  1. Book ImageAmerican Art Deco: Modernistic Architecture and Regionalism

    Carla Breeze

    A lavishly illustrated survey of American Art Deco architecture.

  2. Book ImageAnimals in Stone: Architectural Sculpture in New York City

    Robert Arthur King

    A delightful collection of creatures that adorn New York City buildings.More

  3. Book ImageArchitectural Ornament: Banishment & Return

    Brent C. Brolin

    Embellishment is a basic human need. Why was it banished from modern architecture?More

  4. Book ImageThe Art of Rockefeller Center

    Christine Roussel

    The definitive full-color art guide to a New York City landmark visited by 75 million people each year.More

  5. Book ImageBuilding Details

    Frank M. Snyder, Peter Pennoyer, Anne Walker

    Between 1906 and 1914, New York architect Frank M. Snyder published Building Details, a serial produced in twelve parts over eight years.More

  6. Book ImageClassic French Wrought Iron: Twelfth–Nineteenth Century

    Raymond Lecoq, Gregory Bruhn

    From grilles and gates to balconies and complex lock and key mechanisms, this book traces the successive styles of decorative French ironwork over its 700-year development.

  7. Book ImageCosmatesque Ornament: Flat Polychrome Geometric Patterns in Architecture

    Paloma Pajares-Ayuela

    "Paloma Pajares-Ayuela's richly illustrated study of the late medieval type of architectural ornament known as Cosmatesque is a welcome addition to the literature on this subject."—Nexus Network JournalMore

  8. Book ImageThe Decoration of Houses

    Ogden Codman, Jr., Edith Wharton

    In addition to her fame as a novelist, Edith Wharton has now been recognized as an arbiter of taste and correct usage in the making of domestic interior rooms, and Odgen Codman, Jr., has achieved recognition as a revivalist architect of the first rank.More

  9. Book ImageFaces in Stone: Architectural Sculpture in New York City

    Robert Arthur King, Allison Silver

    A delightful collection of quirky faces and figures that people New York City buildings.More

  10. Book ImageFigures in Stone: Architectural Sculpture in New York City

    Robert Arthur King

    A delightful collection of quirky faces, figures, and creatures that adorn New York City buildings.More

  11. Book ImageHandbook of Decorative Motifs

    Birthe Koustrup

    Four-color ornamental illustrations fill the pages of Handbook of Decorative Motifs, offering a lively catalog of inspired design ideas and models for decorative painters, interior designers, and craftspeople.More

  12. Book ImageThe Handbook of Painted Decoration: The Tools, Materials, and Step-by-Step Techniques of Trompe L'Oeil Painting

    Yannick Guegan, Roger Le Puil

    The essential reference for amateur and professional alike, The Handbook of Painted Decoration is the first book to cover the whole spectrum of trompe l'oeil decorative painting, from classic marbling and wood graining to ancient techniques of decorative painting that have been nearly forgotten.More

  13. Book ImageNatural Stone: A Guide to Selection

    Studio Marmo, Frederick Bradley

    A photographic directory and reference, covering over 350 types of stone used in architecture and interior design.More

  14. Book ImageThe Nature of Ornament: Rhythm and Metamorphosis in Architecture

    Kent Bloomer

    A treasure trove of ideas and encouragement for architects looking for alternatives to the severity of modernism and graceless postmodernism.More

  15. Book ImageNew York Neon

    Thomas E. Rinaldi

    A brilliant visual tour and history of that iconic element of the cityscape: the neon sign.More

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