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  1. Book ImageTom Paine's Iron Bridge: Building a United States

    Edward G. Gray

    The little-known story of the architectural project that lay at the heart of Tom Paine’s political blueprint for the United States.More

  2. Book ImageVoyage Le Corbusier: Drawing on the Road

    Jacob Brillhart, Le Corbusier, Jean-Louis Cohen

    Following the master architect’s drawing campaign as a young man.More

  3. Book ImageSalvage Secrets Two-Book Set

    Joanne Palmisano, Susan Teare

    Award-winning design guru Joanna Palmisano's Salvage Secrets and Salvage Secrets Design & Decor, now available in a two-book set.More

  4. Book ImageSalvage Secrets Design & Decor: Transform Your Home with Reclaimed Materials

    Joanne Palmisano, Susan Teare

    A visually sumptuous idea book, showcasing an eclectic array of interior design possibilities using salvaged goods.More

  5. Book ImageCreating CityCenter: World-Class Architecture and the New Las Vegas

    William R. Smith, Scott J. Tilden, Lynne Lavelle

    How the Strip got urban streets and parks, hotels, luxury retail stores, condominiums, and convention centers in one mega-development.More

  6. Book ImageThe Urban Design Handbook: Techniques and Working Methods

    Urban Design Associates

    Second Edition

    The go-to guide for the practice of sustainable urbanism, updated to include new case studies and analytic tools.More

  7. Book ImageThe Log Home Maintenance Guide: A Field Guide for Identifying, Preventing, and Solving Problems

    Gary Schroeder

    Preventing problems and dealing with them when they occur.More

  8. Book ImageUrgent Architecture: 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for a Changing World

    Bridgette Meinhold

    Disaster-proof, environmentally friendly housing solutions for a changing climate.More

  9. Book ImageHotel Design, Planning, and Development

    Richard H. Penner, Lawrence Adams, Stephani K A Robson

    Second Edition

    A fully revised edition of the book architects and developers consider the bible of hotel design.More

  10. Book ImageEdward Durell Stone: Modernism's Populist Architect

    Mary Anne Hunting

    “Colossus,” “visionary,” “giant” are superlatives used in the mid-twentieth century to describe Edward Durell Stone (1902–1978), a celebrity architect whose wholly unique modern aesthetic of “new romanticism” played a crucial role in defining middle-class culture.More

  11. Book ImageSermons in Stone: The Stone Walls of New England and New York

    Susan Allport

    Second Edition

    A well-written, fascinating contribution to the region's social and economic —Boston MagazineMore

  12. Book ImageThe Vintage House: A Guide to Successful Renovations and Additions

    Mark Alan Hewitt, Gordon Bock

    Expert instruction for historically minded homeowners on how to expand or renovate their most valuable asset.More

  13. Book ImageUnderstanding Green Building Materials

    Traci Rose Rider, Stacy Glass, Jessica McNaughton

    A companion to Understanding Green Building Guidelines, this primer explains green building products—what they are and how to choose them.More

  14. Book ImageWalls: Elements of Garden and Landscape Architecture

    Günter Mader, Elke Zimmerman

    A systematic set of guidelines and an inspiring store of models for designers, builders, horticulturists, and landscape architects.More

  15. Book ImageComparative Architectural Details: A Selection from Pencil Points 1932-1937

    Milton Wilfred Grenfell

    Architectural details indispensable to everyone in the drafting room today.More

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