Building Types

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  1. Book ImageAmerican Libraries 1730-1950

    Kenneth Breisch

    An expansive overview of our storehouses of knowledge, from the earliest library building (Philadelphia, 1745) to midcentury modern and beyond.More

  2. Book ImageInfrastructure: A Guide to the Industrial Landscape

    Brian Hayes

    Revised and Updated

    “Original, highly readable. . . . An extraordinary book.” —Anne Eisenberg, Scientific AmericanMore

  3. Book ImageThe Urban Design Handbook: Techniques and Working Methods

    Urban Design Associates

    Second Edition

    The go-to guide for the practice of sustainable urbanism, updated to include new case studies and analytic tools.More

  4. Book ImageThe Log Home Maintenance Guide: A Field Guide for Identifying, Preventing, and Solving Problems

    Gary Schroeder

    Preventing problems and dealing with them when they occur.More

  5. Book ImageHotel Design, Planning, and Development

    Richard H. Penner, Lawrence Adams, Stephani K A Robson

    Second Edition

    A fully revised edition of the book architects and developers consider the bible of hotel design.More

  6. Book ImageSermons in Stone: The Stone Walls of New England and New York

    Susan Allport

    Second Edition

    A well-written, fascinating contribution to the region's social and economic —Boston MagazineMore

  7. Book ImageHospital and Healthcare Facility Design

    Richard L. Miller, Earl S. Swensson, J. Todd Robinson

    Third Edition

    An updated version of a work that has introduced three generations of students and professionals to the state-of-the-art in creating healing environments.More

  8. Book ImageRailroad Stations: The Buildings That Linked the Nation

    David Naylor

    A visual feast of images chronicling the history and stylistic character of one of our nation's most iconic building types.More

  9. Book ImageThe New York Public Library: The Architecture and Decoration of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

    Henry Hope Reed, Francis Morrone, Anne Day

    Anniversary Edition

    With new color photography showing off a thorough inside-and-out refurbishment, this volume celebrates a beloved landmark.More

  10. Book ImageCemeteries

    Keith Eggener

    A bountifully illustrated exploration of the cemetery in American landscape and narrative.More

  11. Book ImageKey Buildings of the 20th Century: Plans, Sections and Elevations

    Richard Weston

    Second Edition

    An analysis of influential work by seminal architects, including Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, and Rem Koolhaas.More

  12. Book ImageAmerican Art Museum Architecture: Documents and Design

    Eric M. Wolf

    Exploring the intersections of art, architecture, and design, at both renowned institutions and cutting-edge contemporary collections.More

  13. Book ImageDams

    Christine Macy

    A lavishly illustrated exploration of these landscape-defining structures across the United States.More

  14. Book ImageCorporate Architecture: Building a Brand

    Alejandro Bahamón, Ana Cañizares, Antonio Corcuera

    How the fashion, banking, automotive, and telecommunications industries use architecture as a tool of marketing strategy.More

  15. Book ImageBarns of New England

    Jeffrey E. Blackman

    A photographic keepsake of life in New England.More

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