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  1. Book ImageFigures in Stone: Architectural Sculpture in New York City

    Robert Arthur King

    A delightful collection of quirky faces, figures, and creatures that adorn New York City buildings.More

  2. Book ImageArt Deco Mailboxes: An Illustrated Design History

    Karen Greene, Lynne Lavelle

    A great gift book for lovers of unsung urban decorative art and unique architectural details.More

  3. Book ImagePocket Guide to Chicago Architecture

    Judith Paine McBrien, John F. DeSalvo

    Third Edition

    More than 100 highlights of downtown Chicago, from Michigan Avenue to the riverfront to the Loop.More

  4. Book ImageGuide to New York City Urban Landscapes

    Robin Lynn, Francis Morrone, Edward A. Toran, Et Al.

    A tour of not-to-be-missed public places—parks, plazas, memorials, streets—that shape the New York experience.More

  5. Book ImageNew York Neon

    Thomas E. Rinaldi

    A brilliant visual tour and history of that iconic element of the cityscape: the neon sign.More

  6. Book ImageLong Island Modernism 1930–1980

    Caroline Rob Zaleski

    Chronicles a rich and little-known array of architecture on the island, a hotbed of modernism from the thirties on.More

  7. Book ImagePocket Guide to Miami Architecture

    Judith Paine McBrien, John F. DeSalvo

    This guidebook organizes 100 architectural highlights into walkable tours in downtown Miami and Miami Beach.More

  8. Book ImageGuide to Contemporary New York City Architecture

    John Hill

    The essential walking companion to more than two hundred cutting-edge buildings constructed since the new millennium.More

  9. Book ImageNew England Icons: Shaker Villages, Saltboxes, Stone Walls and Steeples

    Bruce Irving

    Connect with the original New England.More

  10. Book ImageExploring Gardens & Green Spaces: From Connecticut to the Delaware Valley

    Magda Salvesen

    An illustrated guidebook to a rich array of 148 designed landscapes along the Northeast Corridor.More

  11. Book ImageGarden Guide: New York City

    Nancy Berner, Susan Lowry, Joseph De Sciose

    Revised Edition

    A horticultural escape and guided tour through all the best- and little-known gardens in New York City’s five boroughs.More

  12. Book ImageHavana Revisited: An Architectural Heritage

    Cathryn Griffith, Dick Cluster, Eusebio Leal Spengler

    This beautifully illustrated book documents the history, preservation, and present uses of Havana’s most important buildings and urban spaces.More

  13. Book ImageGreat Public Squares: An Architect's Selection

    Robert F. Gatje

    Forty outstanding urban spaces of the Western world, analyzed and drawn at a common scale for easy comparison.More

  14. Book ImageAnimals in Stone: Architectural Sculpture in New York City

    Robert Arthur King

    A delightful collection of creatures that adorn New York City buildings.More

  15. Book ImageThe Municipal Art Society of New York: 10 Architectural Walks in Manhattan

    Francis Morrone, Matthew A. Postal, Robin Lynn, Et Al.

    Highlights of architecture, preservation, urban planning, and public art described by two experienced guides, with pictures, route maps, and transit information.More

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