African American Studies

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  1. Book ImageReadings in Black American Music

    Eileen Southern

    Second Edition

    In this companion volume to The Music of Black Americans, Eileen Southern draws on letters, journals, memoirs, ledgers, books, articles, and even slave advertisements in newspapers to illuminate the story told that historical survey, now in its Third Edition.More

  2. Book ImageThe Journal of Charlotte L. Forten: A Free Negro in the Slave Era

    Charlotte L. Forten, Ray Allen Billington

    A young black woman's reactions to the white world of the Civil War era.More

  3. Book ImageDeep Like the Rivers: Education in the Slave Quarter Community, 1831-1865

    Thomas L. Webber

    “An enlightening and thoughtful piece of work. . . . This is the burden of Mr. Webber’s book—the cultural impregnability of the black slaves in America, and the futility of the centuries-long white endeavor to enslave the black mind—and it is an impressive lesson.” —The New YorkerMore

  4. Book ImageBallots for Freedom: Antislavery Politics in the United States, 1837-1860

    Richard H. Sewell

    “If one wishes to read only a single book on antislavery politics before the Civil War, this is the book to read.” J.M. McPherson, Political Science QuarterlyMore

  5. Book ImageWhite, Red, and Black: The Seventeenth-Century Virginian

    Wesley Frank Craven

    “A masterful study of the demography of seventeenth-century Virginia . . . . The essays in this book, originally presented during the James W. Richard Lectures at the University of Virginia, combine the best secondary works on whites, Indians, and blacks with a judicious combing of primary sources and imaginative use of statistics . . . . Like [Mr. Craven’s] other definitive works on this period, White, Red, and Black is an indispensable book for those interested in colonial, southern, and black history.” —John W. Blassingame, Journal of Southern HistoryMore

  6. Book ImageA Passion for Equality: George Wiley and the Movement

    Mary Lynn Kotz, Nick Kotz

    "An important contribution to the social literature of our time." —Roger Wilkins, New York TimesMore

  7. Book ImageAngle of Ascent: New and Selected Poems

    Robert Hayden

    Nothing superfluous, nothing lacking. William Hazlitt’s highest praise for good prose can justly be applied to the poetry of Robert Hayden.More

  8. Book ImageStep by Step

    Douglas Dowd, Mary Nichols, Nick Lawrence

    Step by Step is not simply one more book about civil rights, designed to underscore the repression of the American Negro and relate episodically what some have done about it, even though the book does serve both those functions to a degree. This book is unique in that its aim is to instruct those who would become involved in the civil rights struggle--instruct them in how to develop and work out a project.More

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