African American Studies

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  1. Book ImageA Passion for Equality: George Wiley and the Movement

    Mary Lynn Kotz, Nick Kotz

    "An important contribution to the social literature of our time." —Roger Wilkins, New York TimesMore

  2. Book ImageAngle of Ascent: New and Selected Poems

    Robert Hayden

    Nothing superfluous, nothing lacking. William Hazlitt’s highest praise for good prose can justly be applied to the poetry of Robert Hayden.More

  3. Book ImageStep by Step

    Douglas Dowd, Mary Nichols, Nick Lawrence

    Step by Step is not simply one more book about civil rights, designed to underscore the repression of the American Negro and relate episodically what some have done about it, even though the book does serve both those functions to a degree. This book is unique in that its aim is to instruct those who would become involved in the civil rights struggle--instruct them in how to develop and work out a project.More

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