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The time-honored combination of milk, ice cream, and syrup has satisfied ice cream lovers for generations. In this collection of 100 new recipes, Adam Ried brings America’s favorite concoction into the twenty-first century with familiar ingredients turned into foolproof shakes. Featuring a wide range of blended treats such as the bold Mexican Chocolate Shake with Chipotle and Almond and the traditional Malted Caramel, Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes gives us a whole new take on the shake.

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Adam Ried is a columnist for the Sunday Boston Globe Magazine and a regular guest on America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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The Great Shake 2012

The Great Shake

With summer on our doorstep, isn't ice cream on your mind? 'Tis the season when we all crave that most timeless of treats, a thick frosty milkshake. What flavor tickles your fancy? Tried and true vanilla or classic strawberry? Perhaps something a little more new wave, like mocha cardamom or raspberry-rose? Gardens will be bursting soon, so go ahead and blend up some of that produce in a summery sweet corn and basil or minted cucumber-lemon shake. If a shake with a kick is more your schtick, check out a cold buttered rum or peach with brandy and nutmeg shake, or if you want some lowfat fun, how about an agua fresca, liquado, or yogurt-based lassi?

The Great Shake 2012 celebrated the paperback release of Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes: 100 Classic and Contemporary Recipes by Adam Ried.

In this first shake-a-thon, twenty-five bloggers concocted shakes from Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes -- and shared their experiences. See links to their posts below and a roundup on Tumblr. On June 25, partygoers, milkshake enthusiasts and fans met on Twitter (#GreatShakes) to chat with Adam Ried (@modernmilkshake). Many thanks to Zeroll, Häagen-Dazs, Stonewall Kitchen and Upton Tea for providing prizes.

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