Shots in the Dark

The Wayward Search for an AIDS Vaccine

Jon Cohen (Author)

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"[A]n important book not only for the now but for the future of this epidemic and those to come."—Dr. Robert Gallo

When scientists proved in 1984 that HIV causes AIDS, a vaccine race spun into action. But the sprint to develop an AIDS vaccine now more closely resembles a crawl. Jon Cohen elucidates the forces that have hindered the search: unforeseen scientific obstacles, clashing personalities, the uncertain marketplace, haphazard political organization, and serious ethical dilemmas. Beyond a powerful critique, Cohen also offers specific recommendations for accelerating the effort.

Book Details

  • Paperback
  • December 2001
  • ISBN 978-0-393-32225-5
  • 5.5 × 8.3 in / 464 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide


Endorsements & Reviews

“Meticulously researched, cogently argued, and highly readable...the most important AIDS book since...And the Band Played On.” — Seth Berkley, The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

“A wake-up call, a must-read for policy makers, scientific leaders, and everyone who is working to stop AIDS.” — Bill Gates Sr., Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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