How to Put Your Book Together and Get a Job in Advertising

Maxine Paetro (Author), Giff Crosby (Illustrated by)


In print for over thirty years, the advertising industry bible and ultimate insider’s guide to getting in and getting noticed.

Praised as the “essential,” “award-winning advertising career classic,” here is the industry standard that all aspiring creatives turn to for brutally honest—and often droll—career advice, now fully updated to reflect what most impresses today’s top firms. This is the unequivocal go-to source for anyone looking to break into the business. Originally published under the title The Copy Workshop.

Contributors include: David Baldwin, Tom Cuniff, Greg DiNoto, Jim Durfee, Doreen Dvorin, Heidi Ehlers, Jeffrey Epstein, George Felton, Jack Foster, Cliff Freeman, Roz Goldfarb, Jeff Goodby, Dean Hacohen, Charles Hall, Jhames Holley, Lee Kovel, Leora Mechanic, Deborah Morrison, Jim Mountjoy, James Patterson, Robin Raj, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Helen Klein Ross, Ron Seichrist, Susan Spiegel Solovay, Helayne Spivak, Luke Sullivan, Eric Weber.

From the Introduction:

Although media are changing at the speed of light, the basics of advertising, speculative ads, and the job-getting process haven't changed. The information in this spanking-new revision concerns first-year issues.

* In Part I, I define concepts and campaigns for those who have just begun to ask what this portfolio thing is all about. And there are new questions and answers that I hope will help those about to graduate, those who are about to enter or have already entered the tougher-than-ever entry-level job competition....

* Part II addresses all aspects of getting a job, from resumes, cover letters, and business cards to interview etiquette and follow-up.

* As I've done since the first edition of this book, I've invited creative heads of some of the top agencies around, headhunters, creative managers, and junior creative people to write essays and supplement the text of this book with their comments, their stories, and examples from their portfolios. The contributions of these generous people are of enormous value and make up Part III, "A Little Help from Some Friends."

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  • Paperback
  • August 2010
  • ISBN 978-0-393-73285-6
  • 8.6 × 11 in / 256 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

Endorsements & Reviews

“Buy this book. The latest edition of Maxine Paetro’s up-to-the-minute go-to source remains a classic, and still the only book that dares to tell the whole gory truth about how to get into advertising.” — James Patterson, Former Chairman, JWT North America Worldwide Creative Business Director, and best-selling author

“If you are trying to break into the ad business, read this book. It’s like having a really smart guardian angel whisper all the right things to you. Things that will not only make your book better, but your interview better, your search better, you better.” — Luke Sullivan, author of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide To Creating Great Advertising

“Maxine’s book was my bible and helped me land my first job in advertising. I owe where I am in large part to her.” — Jim Hord, Creative Director at R/GA

“I recommend the book to every young creative person (and some old ones) who I talk to. I tell them read the book, get a copy of the Communication Arts Annual, and if they still think it’s something they want to do, I’ll help them in any way I can. I have probably sold a couple of hundred copies over the years and given away dozens.” — Mike Malone, Creative Director at The Richards Group

“Max has always had a way with words, and with this revision to her timeless ‘how to’ guide, she hasn’t lost her touch. This book is a great example of news you can use. It is also an example of common sense that, unfortunately, is not always common practice. Write on, Max!” — Michael Donahue, Executive Vice President, American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)

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