Healing the Incest Wound

Adult Survivors in Therapy

Christine A. Courtois (Author)

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Understanding and treating adult victims of incest.

“Highly recommended as an authoritative text on incest and its treatment” and “essential reading for all therapists,” Healing the Incest Wound was a groundbreaking book that put incest studies and treatment on the map. Now, almost 20 years later, this bestselling text is fully updated, offering the most current studies and findings on incest typologies, dynamics, and treatment strategies. Drawing on cutting-edge research on incest and other forms of child abuse, it includes attention to their neurological, attachment, affective, and dissociative sequelae. Courtois—a veteran practitioner and an expert in complex traumatic stress disorders resulting from chronic child abuse—presents a comprehensive revision to this classic treatment manual for therapists.

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  • Hardcover
  • April 2010
  • ISBN 978-0-393-70547-8
  • 6.6 × 9.6 in / 784 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

Endorsements & Reviews

“This second edition of her valuable book is a vital asset to every therapist who seeks in-depth comprehension of ways to empower the survivors of incest…contains excellent guidance…a thorough index, an amazing reference section, guide to further reading and exhaustive appendices for both incest survivors and their counselors.” — Hypnosis Depot

“Courtois has succeeded in integrating the explosion of knowledge and expertise developed over the intervening years into a comprehensive and authoritative second edition…She is one of those gifted professionals who can combine the kind of meticulous academicity, clinical wisdom, warmth and compassion that is so evident in Healing the Incest Wound.” — Dr. James Chu, APA Division 29 Newsletter

“Twenty years ago, Dr. Courtois was a pioneer. Now she is a wise authority, Healing the Incest Wound has been a classic since it was first published, and has helped to enlighten and train a generation of practitioners. The second edition, which integrates new findings from many disciplines, will remain a classic for the next generation.” — Judith Herman, MD, author, Trauma and Recovery

Healing the Incest Wound is now the most comprehensive text available on every aspect of incest and child sexual abuse. Courtois reviews and integrates clinical, theoretical, and research sources and survivors' accounts. A significant new contribution to understanding and treatment, it will be an invaluable resource for clinicians and researchers whose work focuses on incest survivors. This book is a must for therapists new to working with incest survivors and a welcome update to the literature.” — Laurie Ann Pearlman, PhD, co-author, Risking Connection

“This is the most definitive source that exists for professionals working with survivors of incest and any sexual abuse occurring within a close relationship. Dr. Courtois does not sidestep controversies, but emphasizes the context of incest in describing risk factors and aftereffects. Her 'feminist-based trauma-referenced relational model of psychotherapy'—with attention to developmental, attachment, loss, and family systems issues—places the client's specific needs at the center of care.” — Pamela C. Alexander, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Center for Women

“It was hard to imagine how Christine Courtois could improve on what was already an enduring classic, but this second edition of Healing the Incest Wound represents a quantum leap forward. Dr. Courtois, in her usual extremely thorough, scholarly, and clinically astute fashion, has created a new classic. Every therapist should read this book, no matter what the focus of their practice...it creates the foundation for competence, and does so brilliantly and accessibly. Bravo, Chris!” — Laura S. Brown, PhD, ABPP, President, APA Division of Trauma Psychology, and Director, Fremont Community Therapy Project

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