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  1. Book ImageBecoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute of Life Coach Training

    Diane S. Menendez, Patrick Williams

    An updated version of the best-selling therapist-to-coach transition text.More

  2. Book ImageTransforming Negative Self-Talk Two Book Set

    Steve Andreas

    The complete set of simple exercises to successfully tame your inner critic.


  3. Book ImageMore Transforming Negative Self-Talk: Practical, Effective Exercises

    Steve Andreas

    A toolkit of simple exercises to successfully tame your inner critic.More

  4. Book ImageTransforming Negative Self-Talk: Practical, Effective Exercises

    Steve Andreas

    A toolkit of practical strategies for managing intrusive, negative self-talk and how you respond to it.More

  5. Book ImageCoaching Plain & Simple: Solution-focused Brief Coaching Essentials

    Kirsten Dierolf, Daniel Meier, Peter Szabó

    An easy-to-read, pocket-sized primer on brief coaching basics.More

  6. Book ImageTherapist as Life Coach: An Introduction for Counselors and Other Helping Professionals

    Patrick Williams, Deborah C. Davis

    Revised and Expanded

    In 2006, U.S. News and World Report listed coaching as one of the 10 top growing professions.More

  7. Book ImageBrief Coaching for Lasting Solutions

    Insoo Kim Berg, Peter Szabó

    Like so many helping professionals today, coaches are discovering that the most effective treatment plan is not always the one that takes the most time.

  8. Book ImageThe Business and Practice of Coaching: Finding Your Niche, Making Money, & Attracting Ideal Clients

    Wendy Allen, Lynn Grodzki

    Building a thriving coaching business is a challenge.More

  9. Book ImageThe Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice

    Patti Britton

    This is the essential resource for professionals seeking sex-positive approaches for their clients.More

  10. Book ImageTotal Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance Your Practice . . . and Your Life

    Lloyd J. Thomas, Patrick Williams

    Total Life Coaching by Pat and Lloyd is more than just a book.More

  11. Book ImageSpeaking as a Professional: Enhance Your Therapy or Coaching Practice through Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars

    Dan Grandstaff

    Speaking as a Professional is a source of both guidance and encouragement to therapists and coaches at every level of experience in public speaking.More

  12. Book ImageCoaching Starter Kit: Everything You Need to Launch and Expand Your Coaching Practice

    Easy to photocopy or modify to suit your own practice, The Coaching Starter Kit is a complete toolkit of coaching basics and advice that will equip you well as you enter the coaching field.More

  13. Book ImageThe New Private Practice: Therapist-Coaches Share Stories, Strategies, and Advice

    Lynn Grodzki

    The profession of personal and business coaching has exploded during the past five years, both in the US and internationally. An estimated twenty percent of all coaches have a background in a mental health-related field.More