17th Century

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  1. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of Western Music

    J. Peter Burkholder, Claude V. Palisca

    Seventh Edition / Volume(s): 1 / Ancient to Baroque

    A comprehensive collection of 220 works from antiquity to the present.More

  2. Book ImageAnthology for Music in the Baroque

    Wendy Heller, Walter Frisch

    A concise anthology including a wide range of Baroque music.More

  3. Book ImageMusic in the Baroque

    Wendy Heller, Walter Frisch

    Baroque music in its cultural, social, and intellectual contexts.More

  4. Book ImageBaroque Music: Music in Western Europe, 1580–1750

    John Walter Hill

    John Walter Hill’s highly anticipated text presents a broad survey of the music of Western Europe from 1580 to 1750.More

  5. Book ImageAnthology of Baroque Music

    John Walter Hill

    The Anthology of Baroque Music contains 130 carefully selected scores for the compositions highlighted in Baroque Music.More

  6. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: The Baroque Era

    Leo Treitler, Margaret Murata

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 4

    Though traditionally labeled "Baroque," the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries in music could as easily be termed "early modern," since many of the genres that are popular today—were established during that time.More

  7. Book ImageRenaissance and Baroque Music: A Comprehensive Survey

    Frederich Blume, M. D. Herter Norton

    These two essays were written by Professor Blume for the monumental encyclopedia of which he was the editor, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. In the first study he examines the concept of the term 'Renaissance, ' summing up the views of art historians and others; the Renaissance attitude toward music: the treatment of the Renaissance as a period in music history: the various national styles and the types of composition in that period (this section constitutes about half of the essay); and finally the accomplishments of the Renaissance in music.More